How to use a humidifier: humidity standards and recommendations

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 30.3k. The level of humidity in the apartment, for many of us, does not mean anything, but it is he who is an indicator of the health of the microclimate in the home. The human body is 70% water, and for a normal existence, it needs moisture […]

Optimal indoor climate and humidity

[ad_1] To date, almost everyone was able to appreciate all the advantages of plastic windows. They have a high level of noise and heat insulation, they are easy to operate, do not require special care and have an aesthetic design that lasts for many years. Due to the tightness of the structure, energy saving and […]

Air humidity as an environmental factor human environment

[ad_1] We often hear about how extremely low or high temperature, changes in atmospheric pressure affect a person’s well-being. However, few people think that the level of humidity is an equally important indicator of the comfort of the environment for our body. What is humidity? Its optimal indicators for human activity Humidity is a measure […]

Types of humidity and why it is needed air drying system

[ad_1] The main factors affecting the microclimate inside the facility are air quality, pollution level, temperature and relative humidity. In this article, we will consider a factor that has a very strong influence not only on the atmosphere in the room, but also on the well-being of the people inside, namely air humidity. The level […]

Humidity and temperature regime in hospitals and operating rooms

[ad_1] Content: Consequences of violation of regulatory requirements for the temperature regime and humidity level in medical institutions What temperature should be in medical facilities What should be the humidity in the operating room What should be the humidity of the air in the laboratory Air dryers for humidity control in medical institutions Medical institutions, […]

How to get rid of dampness: elimination of fungus and causes of high humidity

[ad_1] High humidity, improperly organized ventilation, lack of an exhaust hood in the kitchen — all this can provoke the appearance of mold and fungus in the house. The air in the room becomes stale, unpleasant — clothes, furniture, curtains are impregnated with it. Problems with excessive humidity are especially evident during the off-season, when […]

what we know about it • What humidity should be in the room.

[ad_1] Each of us at least once in our lives has come across the concept of air humidity. It’s time to learn more about it. Air humidity is the total amount of water vapor in the air of a certain room or in the entire atmosphere. Humidity is absolute and relative. More about each type […]