Types of dehumidifiers for houses and apartments — an overview «from A to Z»

[ad_1] Types of dehumidifiers for the home: analysis by 4 parameters A comfortable microclimate in the house is a guarantee of the health and well-being of its residents, as well as the safety of furniture, appliances and other interior components. One of the key parameters affecting the indoor environment is relative humidity. For residential, administrative […]

What are the types of heaters for houses and apartments

[ad_1] When buying a heating device for their home, many are faced with a huge range of them. To choose the best device, let’s get acquainted with the existing types of household heaters, consider their advantages and disadvantages. Heater in the interior of the apartment Oil coolers Oil heaters are very good for heating a […]

How high-temperature boilers help save on boiler houses in residential buildings

[ad_1] The pace of construction of finished housing in Russia has fallen to historic lows. The reasons lie on the surface: the coronavirus crisis, the decline in incomes of the population. In order not to raise the cost per square meter, developers are looking for ways to save money. The same question arises before the […]

Why we recommend Komfovent DOMEKT units for apartments and houses

[ad_1] Published 12/20/2018 Article author Andrey Nikolaev Project Manager, Diploma in HVAC Systems Ask a question to a specialist An innovative solution to the problem of ventilation is the installation of Komfovent DOMEKT air handling units in the house. Devices of this type allow you to create an individual ventilation system for a dwelling. A […]

Modern ventilation systems of country houses based on compact units with heat recovery from SALDA

[ad_1] The peculiarity of modern cities is that their residents try to get out of their apartments and offices outside the city as often as possible in order to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is difficult to overestimate […]

Water heater for summer cottages and houses: how to choose?

[ad_1] Gas and electric water heaters are used both in country houses and in city apartments where there is no centralized hot water supply or it is provided intermittently. Yes, and the quality of heated cold water is usually higher than hot, intended only for household and technical needs. In addition, hot water supply is […]