How does a hot regeneration adsorption dehumidifier work?

[ad_1] The first question that should be clarified when purchasing an adsorption dryer with hot air regeneration is how it works. Understanding the principle of operation of the device, you will know for sure whether the device will cope with the tasks assigned to the unit, and also whether this acquisition will be profitable and […]

Why hot water does not come out of the boiler: do-it-yourself repair

[ad_1] Such a household appliance as a water heater is very popular. Convenient and undemanding in maintenance, it has found its application both in private houses and in apartments. However, not everything is as smooth as it might seem, and sometimes the owners are faced with incorrect operation of the equipment. The reasons for the […]

It won’t be hot: 12 best air conditioners for an apartment

[ad_1] «Weather» in the house should not depend on natural vagaries. I want the rooms to have a comfortable microclimate at any time of the year. Installing an air conditioner will help achieve this. We will analyze how to choose the right model and get acquainted with the top 12 air conditioners for an apartment […]

Warmer. Warmer. Hot!

[ad_1] Maybe someone will be surprised, but the gas water heater, this legend of Soviet times, has not disappeared from the expanses of our country at all. On the contrary, a natural gas water heater is still a reality for millions of Russians today, an integral part of the hot water supply for multi-apartment and […]

What is a hot water heating system?

[ad_1] Most often, our houses use a water heating system, i.e. the system where plain water is used as the heat carrier. We are accustomed to water heating and often perceive it as something ordinary that does not require additional attention. However, when installing a water heating system in a house, there are nuances that […]

Cooling cows during the hot season

[ad_1] Summer is a long-awaited time in our latitudes. But during the hot summer months, it is important to pay special attention to the conditions of livestock. If the temperature rises above 25 degrees, the animals begin to suffer from heat. The natural method of cooling — profuse sweating — is not effective if the […]

Hot springs: how to choose a water heater?

[ad_1] Deciding on the whole variety of water heaters and finding the most suitable device for yourself is very difficult. We’ve put together a few rules to help you. choose a water heater. Rule one: time is worth money At choosing a water heater a dilemma will inevitably arise: to buy a water heater of […]