Everything you need to know about infrared heaters

[ad_1] Due to the peculiarities of the climate in our country, the problem of choosing efficient and economical equipment for home heating is very relevant. In this article we will talk about one of these devices — an infrared heater. There are several misconceptions about infrared heaters. It is believed that you can get burned […]

Varieties of infrared heaters

[ad_1] The main function of any heater is to raise the temperature to a comfortable level. They all do it differently. In the case of an infrared heater, an increase in temperature is facilitated by infrared radiation that comes from it. It is a stream of long waves that are outside the human visible spectrum, […]

Types of heaters

[ad_1] Classification by heating method The main task of any heating system is to maintain a predetermined sufficiently high temperature indoors. At the same time, the ambient temperature (street) can vary significantly depending on the geographical location and season. And the heater must compensate for weather heat losses, which certainly occur when the temperature difference […]

Infrared heaters — technical specifications

[ad_1] An infrared heater is not an easy device, therefore, before starting a search, it is better to get to know its main characteristics better and, based on this knowledge, competently approach the selection process. Infrared domestic heaters — specifications Power: domestic heaters usually have a power in the range of 300-2000 watts. Its performance, […]

Energy-saving electric heaters for the home

[ad_1] In winter, batteries alone are often not enough to create a comfortable temperature in a house or apartment. Then various electric heaters come to the rescue. There is a wide selection of such devices on the market, in connection with which buyers have many questions — which heater is better, how to choose a […]

Wall-mounted economical electric heaters

[ad_1] In the cold season, not all houses, apartments and offices have a central heating system. Often we need to heat the room with the help of an individual device — a heater. Such devices are different — these are gas heaters, and appliances that run on electricity, and fireplaces heated with wood and coal. […]

Energy-saving convector heaters for the home

[ad_1] With the arrival of autumn, for most of us, the most exciting question is how to make the house warm at the lowest cost. We will talk about one of the options for arranging a heating system for a home — energy-saving convector heaters today. Convector heaters for home When choosing which heater is […]

Energy-saving heaters for the home

[ad_1] In some cases, people have to resort to additional sources of heating in their houses and apartments. The reason for this may be the poor quality of the central heating or its complete absence. However, the constant use of electric heaters is quite expensive. So it is quite expected that many are looking for […]

Heaters — types

[ad_1] To answer the question of which type of heater is better, you need to understand the principle of operation of each and identify the most important characteristics for yourself. The fact is that it is possible to divide all available devices both according to the principle of operation and according to the power source. […]

inverter heaters

[ad_1] With the approach of cold weather, many people are thinking about how to make their home as warm and comfortable as possible. In apartment buildings, this important function is usually performed by central heating batteries, and in the private sector — autonomous heating boilers. There are also many different auxiliary devices, from oil heaters […]