Air purifier for home — our assistant for a healthy life

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 805 To purify the air, filling it with the healing power of medicinal plants and aromatic oils, was sought by representatives of ancient civilizations who lived thousands of years ago. Various incense was used not only for the sake of pleasant smells — many trees and smaller […]

How to get rid of dampness and maintain a healthy microclimate in a private house?

[ad_1] Dampness in a private house is not only an extremely unpleasant situation, but also unsafe for human health. Because high humidity creates ideal conditions in the room for the appearance and development of a musty smell, mold, fungus and other harmful formations. Moreover, in damp rooms, furniture, wall coverings, interior fabric elements, things and, […]

10 ways to create a healthy microclimate in the apartment

[ad_1] The modern climate equipment market is full of budget and more expensive models of air conditioners, climate systems, forced ventilation systems, humidifiers, sinks, etc. Some people are quite skeptical about such a large assortment, arguing their position with an extra waste of money. They confidently say that the best way to ensure normal air […]

Akvilon Cold Ceiling System – healthy approach to comfort

[ad_1] Air surrounds us throughout life. Therefore, high air quality and comfortable temperature are the most important environmental properties that determine our well-being. Cold ceilings are a unique alternative to traditional air conditioners, created by the German company BeKa Heiz- und Kuehlmatten in 1985. The main element of the Akvilon Cold Ceiling System (walls and […]

Healthy breathing: how to choose an air purifier?

[ad_1] It would seem that yesterday you were not interested in the problem of air purification. But today, dust on furniture and favorite books suddenly began to provoke convulsive sneezing attacks, intoxicating smells coming from the kitchen now cause irritation and a runny nose, and you feel discomfort in the presence of pets. Air cleaner […]