Chimney for a gas boiler: design and maintenance

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 1.7k. The chimney is an integral part of any heating or digester in which the heating of the coolant occurs after check fuel combustion. It is thanks to the draft created in the chimney that the combustion products are discharged into the atmosphere. Most owners of private […]

Where does radon gas come from in the basement and rooms and how to remove it

[ad_1] What to do if you suspect the presence of radon gas in your home? Over the past few decades, radon gas has not been the focus of attention for builders and homeowners, but now there is an increasing question of how to deal with high levels of radon in existing homes. We will look […]

Gas ceramic heater

[ad_1] One of the main components of the comfort of any room is warmth. It can be obtained from heating systems operating on natural gas or electricity supplied to the dwelling. But what to do if there are no basic amenities in the room, but you really want to warm up, because it is very […]

Portable gas heater

[ad_1] For people who like to go hiking, hunting or fishing, a portable gas tent heater will be very relevant. After all, even being among the forests, a person wants warmth and comfort. What is this device, we will tell in this article. The principle of operation of a portable gas heater The case of […]

How to choose a gas boiler?

[ad_1] If you intend to purchase such important and expensive equipment for heating your home, but do not know how to choose a gas boiler, this article is just for you. We will help you understand the types of boilers that exist today and understand what is right for your particular case. Which gas boiler […]

How to choose a gas wall-mounted double-circuit boiler?

[ad_1] Heating and hot water are those conveniences that it is very difficult for any person to do without. In order to ensure their availability at home, you will need to purchase a boiler. How to choose a gas wall-mounted double-circuit boiler, we will talk today. What kind of boilers exist? There are gas and […]

Gas double-circuit boilers — how to choose?

[ad_1] Autonomous heating even in an apartment today is no longer a novelty. When the heating season comes and you have to wait for the batteries in the apartment to become warm, you start thinking about installing a boiler. In a private house, this is not only a source of heat, but also hot water. […]

Single-circuit gas boiler

[ad_1] Recently, not only in private houses, but also in apartments, residents are increasingly installing gas boilers, which, as you know, allow you to set the preferred temperature regime and, accordingly, significantly save money. The modern market offers many options for these devices, but we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of gas single-circuit heating […]

Infrared gas heater

[ad_1] Autumn has come, and with it the need to heat residential and other premises. And if systems with a boiler and heat carriers are used for heating houses, then for small rooms such as country houses, garages, etc., an infrared gas heater is successfully used. Moreover, such devices, due to the directed flow of […]

Outdoor gas heater

[ad_1] Just a few decades ago, one could only dream that in the cool season it would be possible to relax on the street in warmth and comfort. But with the invention of outdoor gas heaters, everything has changed, and we are no longer surprised by the tempting opportunity to have a family picnic in […]