Air conditioning with air flow from the street: the advantages of such climate technology

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 5.9k. In the conditions of modern airtight apartments, questions related to inefficiency are increasingly arising. [link_webnavoz][/link_webnavoz], namely with the lack of influx of street air masses. Due to the lack of fresh air in such rooms, the oxygen content in the air mixture is significantly reduced, which […]

How is it different from home air conditioners?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 7 min Views 5.3k. Climate technology, without a doubt, makes our lives more comfortable. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air conditioners of various designs, make the atmosphere of our home healthier. But there is a certain class of climate technology, which is no less important for our daily life, but whose existence […]

Noise at night from ventilation..

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 1 minute Views 101 I live in an apartment building… (on the top floor…) a house built approximately in 1960… From January 2017 at night, low-frequency noise (or high-frequency) noise always starts… I noticed with a sound level meter (downloaded to the phone) = 83db reaches sometimes, sometimes quieter, but […]

How to do the installation of the air conditioner with your own hands: tips from the master

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 3.1k. Installing an air conditioner with your own hands — for most people, this is akin to launching a rocket into space or the wonders of genetic engineering. But there is a certain contingent, popularly referred to as home craftsmen, who try to do everything in life […]

Ventilation in the foundation of a private house: answers to questions from readers

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 7.4k. Competent ventilation in the house is the most important component of a healthy and comfortable life support and is as important as water supply and heating. That is why the ventilation system during the construction of any building should be given special attention. Properly done ventilation […]

Industrial humidifiers — from an atomizer to an air washer

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 1.6k. The main purpose of industrial air humidifiers is to create a favorable microclimate by increasing humidity in industrial premises that require it according to hygiene standards or in connection with a certain technological cycle, as well as during the storage of certain materials and raw materials. […]

from folk to modern ways

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 1.1k. To heat their own homes, many residents of our vast, use stoves, boilers, fireplaces and other individual heating devices that run on gas, solid and liquid fuels. Their reliability and performance depend not only on the serviceability and quality of fuel combustion, but also on the […]

How to make a heat exchanger on the chimney with your own hands: tips from the master

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 2.8k. In the last decade, it has become very fashionable to introduce man to nature. Our compatriots began to get out on picnics and outings more and more often, to build summer cottages and country houses. But a resident of a modern metropolis is not accustomed to […]

Description of the siphon with a dry water seal and the difference from the usual

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 3.3k. According to clause 17.11 of SNiP 2.04.01-85*, air conditioning equipment, as well as refrigeration and water heating equipment, must be connected to the sewer system to drain drainage and condensate. Discharge of water in the above systems is carried out irregularly, therefore, to prevent the entry […]

rating of the best models from three manufacturers

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 11 min Views 2.4k. Our compatriots, as a rule, get acquainted with the latest climate technology that has appeared on the Russian market from commercials, manufacturers’ promotions, from reviews of happy (unfortunate) owners and rumors. We decided to replenish the niche of independent information and present to your attention a […]