Duct air conditioner with fresh air supply

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 2.5k. Standard wall-mounted air conditioners are more popular, however, a ducted split system with air admixture is also used to create a comfortable microclimate. Such a device can be placed in an apartment or a public building, while the cooled air will pass through a network of […]

Overview of VRF ventilation systems with fresh air supply

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 1.1k. Air conditioning systems are constantly evolving to provide people with more comfortable living conditions. If earlier all the variety was limited to window devices, now there are much more opportunities. Moreover, air conditioners can serve not only small rooms, but also large-scale areas. [contents] For this, […]

Fresh wind workshops

[ad_1] «CLIMATE LABORATORY» Air distribution elements:a— air distribution grilles and diffusers;b, c— air ducts Compact ventilation units ZGK/ZGF (ROVER) are equipped with electric heaters with power from 6kW Compact air handling units for maintenance of one room produced by «CLIMATE LABORATORIES»(a) and MOBAIR(b) SYSTEMAIRTogether with the supply unit, exhaust fans are sometimes used, controlled by […]

Breathed fresh…

[ad_1] Super Slim (Panasonic) with anti-allergic filter Super alleru-buster DaikinModern split systems: a— AS09HM3N (Samsung); b— InverterPlus DC 11 HP HE (Olympia Splendid) Coarse filters: a— antioxidant (Mitsubishi Electric); b— Stainless Clean (Hitachi) In the air conditioner CS-XE9EKE (Panasonic) the filter is cleaned by a vacuum nozzle, which, on a signal from the microprocessor, “vacuums” […]

Fresh trends

[ad_1] Soler Palau Soler PalauWall fans Silent-100 (Soler Palau) are simply built into the exhaust holes with a diameter of 100mm. Their air performance— up to 100m3/h, power consumption does not exceed 8W/h noise— up to 26.5 dB Elicent exhaust fans: E-Style 100 PRO MHY (a) with humidity control system and innovative Email (b)CataTime-tested X-Mart […]

Fresh air indoors. Air ionization. surf effect

[ad_1] When water is sprayed, slight natural ionization occurs. The effect of freshness, characteristic of spray systems, is explained by slight adiabatic air cooling and ionization during water spraying (balloelectric effect). The balloelectric effect is the phenomenon of electrification of a liquid during fine crushing. At waterfalls, on sea coasts, above the sea surface, when […]