Overview of floor air coolers: which model to choose?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 1.5k. The floor air cooler — as you might guess from the name — is designed to be installed on the floor. At the same time, its general purpose is no different from similar equipment of other types. Namely: to provide cooling of air indoors. What are […]

Floor infrared heater

[ad_1] Outside the window is cold, inclement weather, and the temperature in the house has noticeably decreased? If you feel discomfort about this, then the heating system available in the house or apartment does not cope with the task, and you need an additional source of heat. And what would be best for you if […]

The principle of operation of the air conditioner: split system, mobile, window, floor, without air duct

[ad_1] Air conditioners have long been a part of our lives, but the principles of operation and devices are not always clear, and the variety of models is very large — floor, mobile, window, inverter. To deal with this issue, your attention is invited to an overview of similar devices for various purposes with a […]

Rating of the best floor fans: TOP-15 models for home

[ad_1] Floor fans are a handy home appliance preferred by most users. The article presents a rating of the 15 best fan models (axial and radial). Some recommendations for choosing a fan for your home can be found here. The best axial fans The most popular are fans operating on an axial principle. The devices […]

Rating of the best electric boilers for the home: floor and wall

[ad_1] Electric boilers are especially relevant in homes without access to a gas main. Manufacturers offer electric boilers with floor and wall installation. Each brand has models designed for different areas — from a small apartment to a cottage with several floors. But what to choose? This rating of electric boilers will help you choose […]

Wall-mounted gas boiler — features, pros and cons, comparison with floor models

[ad_1] Increasingly, consumers are choosing a modern wall-mounted gas boiler as a means of space heating. The device is reliable, compact and easily copes with the tasks at the right choice of power and design. Due to the presence of automation, the operation of the device does not require constant intervention. Features of gas boilers […]

Do-it-yourself floor and table fan repair: diagnostics and troubleshooting

[ad_1] To repair a desktop or floor fan yourself at home, it is not necessary to be a master of the highest category, since often the cause of the malfunction lies in the little things that even a beginner can handle. Before you can remove the problem, you need to run diagnostics, which will reveal […]

Floor convectors — when are they used?

[ad_1] In the image of the ideal home that most people cherish throughout their lives, the important place is usually a beautiful garden and large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room with built-in doors through which the living room connects to the garden. Consequently, modern building designs often include large glazing that extends to the […]

Warm floor

[ad_1] Advantages of the underfloor heating system Electric floor heating Water heated floor The «warm floor» systems have been known since ancient times — even in ancient Roman terms (baths), heated air passed through special channels in the stone floor, there were warm floors of a similar design in Turkish baths. At the beginning of […]