Industrial fans are one of the main elements of ventilation in industrial premises

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 1.9k. To ensure effective preliminary purification of air masses, as well as their further heating or cooling, mechanical ventilation is created. Therefore, in order to utilize polluted air in industrial premises, industrial fans are used. Equipment of this kind is installed in order to maximize the effective […]

Explosion Proof Fans, Key Reliability Standards in Hazardous Areas

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 2.7k. Fans are electrical equipment used to move the air in a given direction and create a pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the ventilation system. Ventilation systems — a set of ventilation installations and pipelines designed to service premises for various purposes. Depending on […]

Features of industrial fans

[ad_1] Industrial fans are used almost everywhere, and it all started with the need to manually ventilate mines in mining. Now this type of device is widely used in the metallurgical, chemical, woodworking, food industries as a high-tech and powerful air mass filter. The company «RealVent» provides services for the design, installation, commissioning, configuration and […]

How to choose fans for round ducts

[ad_1] Ventilation that does not function correctly can significantly reduce the quality of life for people living in an apartment: dust, moisture, odors, pathogenic microbes that provoke the development of respiratory diseases, all this remains in the air. This is because usually the sanitary standards, according to which ventilation ducts are installed during the construction […]

Axial fans: features and applications

[ad_1] The modern fan market offers an extensive selection of devices for directional air movement. At the end of the system design stage, the moment comes for the selection of a ventilation unit, the operation of which is based on a fan that is responsible for fluctuations in air masses and provides the necessary flow […]

Explosion-proof fans

[ad_1] About explosion-proof fans For the efficient operation of plants, factories and manufacturing enterprises and maintaining sanitary working conditions, it is recommended to install explosion-proof duct fans – specialized ventilation equipment with a reinforced body. Explosion-proof fans are a specific type of industrial ventilation devices. Their distinguishing feature lies in the design of the body […]

About roof fans

[ad_1] The combination of outstanding airflow performance and ergonomics is roof fan — high-tech equipment that is installed on the roof of the building, which can significantly save space. You will find a wide range of powerful and compact devices for creating a healthy atmosphere in a room for any purpose in the RealVent catalog. […]

Centrifugal fans

[ad_1] All fans are structurally divided into two types: axial and centrifugal (radial). The centrifugal fan is a mechanical device consisting of: beds; engine; spiral body; impeller (rotor) with blades. The rotating impeller of the rotor ensures the movement of air masses through the air ducts. In such a device, the air mixture at the […]

Rectangular duct fans

[ad_1] ToThe RealVent company offers in its catalog rectangular fans of the world’s leading brands. Contact us and we will solve the problems of ventilation of premises as soon as possible and provide reliable ventilation of buildings and structures for industrial and household purposes. Rectangular duct fans We present to your attention high-quality products of […]

How to install exhaust fans in the bathroom

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 7 min Views 3k. Have you noticed that there is an unpleasant smell in your bathroom? It’s time to take care of installing the right fan in the bathroom, which will help eliminate high humidity, eliminate odors and prevent the appearance of dangerous mold. By the way, if there is […]