decorative element or complete device

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 1.6k. Humidifiers are air conditioning equipment that is designed to increase the humidity of the air in the room, and by and large these are devices that create a healthy microclimate in the home. In addition, they are used in greenhouses and conservatories for successful plant growth. […]

How to choose a heating element

[ad_1] Tubular electric heater Tubular electric heaters (TENY) convert electrical energy into heat. They are widely used in industry and everyday life for heating water, air, and other liquids and gases. When choosing heating elements, it is necessary to consider: power; the shape of the heater; terms of Use. Tubular electric heaters come in different […]

Electric fireplace — an indispensable element of home comfort

[ad_1] Every day the fire becomes more and more popular. Especially if it has the shape of a fireplace in the house. Installing a fireplace is not so easy, this task is beyond the power of every person living in a simple multi-storey building. In addition, an ordinary fireplace can only be placed on the […]

A heat accumulator is an important element of the heating system for a comfortable and safe home.

[ad_1] A heat accumulator, also known as a thermal accumulator, or a buffer tank, is gaining more and more popularity every year as one of the important elements of the heating system of a private house. Heat accumulator and its use with heat sources of various types Heat accumulator in a system with a solid […]