Air dryer. What it is? Applications and types of dryers

[ad_1] Air dehumidifier is a device/system designed to dehumidify air and control humidity in the room. The task of the dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture from the air. The unit takes air from the room, dries it, removing moisture and returns the dried air back, thereby reducing the humidity level to the required value. […]

Air dryers — 2 principles of operation. Which is better?

[ad_1] Modern technology allows you to maintain indoor conditions that are optimal for a person. Even the problem with high humidity is easily and simply solved with the help of a special device — an air dryer. For everyone who knows firsthand about dampness, it will be useful to know: what desiccants are used for, […]

Real assessment of dryers of 3 brands: Trotec, Ballu and Maxton

[ad_1] In Ukraine, the climate equipment market has a wide range of equipment, including such modern “smart” devices as household air dryers. These devices are in high demand among users, due to which a huge number of manufacturers add this position to the list of their products. Therefore, the choice of companies involved in the […]

Air dryers in questions and answers

[ad_1] Is it possible to use an air dryer when eliminating the consequences of flooding a warehouse? In such a situation, we advise you to buy a dehumidifier. The industrial dehumidifier is designed just to perform the amount of work on large areas, including warehouses. To dry the walls, floors and ceilings of flooded premises, […]