The history of the air conditioner Creation and development of the industry

[ad_1] Today, a wide variety of air conditioners on the market does not surprise anyone. This climate technology is available in almost every home and people no longer imagine how they managed without it before. But it took a long time for this to become a reality. The first attempts to create an air conditioner […]

A new stage in the development of air disinfection technologies

[ad_1] The problem of indoor air disinfection is both old and new at the same time. Until recently, air disinfection was considered the prerogative, first of all, of medical institutions, food industry enterprises, as well as vehicles, especially those engaged in long-distance transportation. However, today there is a departure from this paradigm: the constantly deteriorating […]

Analysis of the development of ventilation and air conditioning technology

[ad_1] parametric series Layout construction of installations Panel construction of air conditioners Outdoor air conditioners Main technological sections of air handling units: Air valves Mixing chambers Air filters Heat exchangers Air heaters (air coolers) Heat and mass transfer apparatus Fan units Conclusion In the last decade, a lot of new equipment has appeared on the […]

Trends in the development of multi-zone air conditioning systems

[ad_1] At the beginning 70s years of the last century, the developers of air conditioning systems faced the issue of the possibility of using energy-efficient equipment in buildings of medium and large area. At that time, the most popular and traditional solution for facilities where high cooling capacity was required was air-to-water refrigeration systems, in […]