what you need to know when designing

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 4.1k. With the increase in the volume of construction in our country of healthcare facilities, laboratories, enterprises for the production of microelectronics, medicines, etc., the demand for ventilation systems for «clean rooms», which will be discussed in this publication, has sharply increased. [contents] Clean room concept It […]

what you need to know when designing

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 3.6k. The requirements for ventilation of dentistry, the norms and rules of which are prescribed in SNiP and SanPin, are decisive for everyone who decides to open their own dental practice. If you are planning to become the owner of a dental clinic, center or office, you […]

Features of the installation of a drainage system for the removal of condensate • What to consider when designing and installing

[ad_1] The organization of condensate drainage from the air conditioner is always a controversial task for both customers and installers. There are standards and norms for installation, as well as the wishes of the consumer. This is where the conflict arises: not everyone likes the drainage installed at an angle, spoiling the interior, as well […]

Designing a wiring diagram for an air conditioning system • Recommendations from professionals

[ad_1] At this stage, you will need to form a clear plan, which is desirable to draw on paper (for convenience and visual presentation). The drawn diagram should contain information about connecting the climatic device to the network, about the location of the indoor unit in the room, about all the necessary connections (wires, tubes) […]

10 Mistakes When Designing VRF Air Conditioning Systems

[ad_1] Published 02.11.2018 Article author Vyacheslav Safonov Project Manager, Corporate and Tender Procurement Expert Ask a question to a specialist Old air conditioning systems are long gone, and they have been replaced by a new generation of VRF, which is distinguished by a fairly high quality, durability and performance. The abbreviation stands for Variable Refrigerant […]

TOP 7 mistakes when designing a ventilation system

[ad_1] Mistakes made in the process of designing a ventilation system can not only cause discomfort for those who are users of this system, but also lead to direct losses and even the need to completely dismantle an already created system. Mistake #1, Lack of space Mistake #2, Missing Necessary Nodes Mistake No. 3, Lack […]