Ventilation and dehumidification of swimming pools

[ad_1] Ventilation, dehumidification and air conditioning of indoor pools has two main objectives: 1. Creating an ideal comfortable environment for pool users2. Maintaining humidity under constant control to prevent damage to the structure in the long term. Providing both of the above conditions at the same time in air conditioning in the pool is always […]

Dehumidification technologies

[ad_1] High humidity not only negatively affects the microclimate, but also affects the condition of interior items and things stored in the room. Air dehumidification helps prevent mold, metal corrosion, lowering of the electrical resistance of insulating materials, cracking of walls as a result of freezing moisture, and other negative consequences. Dehumidifiers are used to […]

Ventilation and dehumidification systems for swimming pools Breezart

[ad_1] Pool ventilation is an essential element for creating proper air exchange, which determines the quality of the microclimate and the humidity index in the room. With an excess of moisture, condensate accumulates on the ceiling, walls, the performance properties of insulating materials decrease, fungus, mold develop, and other negative phenomena occur. To avoid all […]

Installation of ventilation and dehumidification of air in the pool. Why is it necessary?

[ad_1] In all pools located indoors, there is an excessive level of humidity. First, it appears as condensation on the walls, then as mold. And then it spoils furniture, equipment, decoration and negatively affects people’s health. You can solve this problem in 3 ways: Recommend product 4 photos Dehumidifier Mycond MBA 05 G Black In […]

The microclimate inside the bomb shelter: filtration, dehumidification and additional nuances

[ad_1] Why are bomb shelters needed? In order to ensure reliable protection in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the emergence of a military situation, a natural disaster or other catastrophe that threatens people’s lives. What exactly does this building protect against: various poisonous substances (bacterial / chemical); light radiation or […]

Outfitting and technical rooms: proper dehumidification

[ad_1] One of the main conditions for the correct and safe work of rescue and fire brigades is high-quality protective equipment and 100% serviceability of functioning equipment. Fire pipes, hoses and protective suits must be absolutely tight. And bolt cutters, expanders, gas torches, headlamps, high efficiency fans and other technical equipment are in perfect condition. […]

Air conditioner operation modes: start, ventilation, dehumidification, heating, night, defrosting, silence

[ad_1] An air conditioner can do more than just cool a room. A modern air conditioner is a whole climate control combine with many modes and possibilities. Each of them is introduced into the overall functionality of the air conditioner for a reason, but due to the need that users have. In what cases they […]