Why the air conditioner dries the air in the room and how to deal with it

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 12.6k. There are two opposing opinions regarding the harm caused by air conditioning to human health. Some say that this is harmful because the air conditioner dehumidifies during operation. Others argue that there is nothing to worry about. Each of the parties is right in its own […]

Causes of poor sleep at night and how to deal with them?

[ad_1] Sleep is essential for everyone. Only after a good night’s sleep, a person gains strength and is again ready for new achievements. Otherwise, he becomes irritated and unable to perform even elementary tasks. Ultimately, all this ends with the inevitable weakening of the nervous system. Insomnia torments many, but this is a completely solvable […]

Why is indoor air worse than outdoors? How to deal with it?

[ad_1] It is known that indoor air quality is significantly inferior to outdoor air quality. According to research, the following main reasons are known: 1) increased dust content, 2) increased content of gaseous chemicals (coming from interior items and people), 3) reduced number of ions, 4) suboptimal humidity, 5) microbiological contamination. Contrary to popular belief, […]