Thermal curtains of different brands: a comparative review

[ad_1] Each manufacturer brings something different to the design, so thermal curtains from different companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Taking into account these features will help not to overpay and purchase a device that will be most effective for the selected room. In this article we will try to figure out which brand — […]

Air curtains

[ad_1] What is an air curtain History reference The thermal curtain was invented in North America in 1904. True, the first such device was released only in 1916. Presumably, at first, thermal curtains were used only for heating vestibules, but in the 1950s. demand went up sharply, giving this equipment a wide distribution throughout Europe. […]

Calculation of thermal parameters of air curtains with water heat exchangers

[ad_1] To calculate the thermal parameters of heat exchangers, it is customary to use either the method of average temperature differences or the NTU method. Both of these methods require the use of a fairly complex mathematical apparatus, special software, and are usually justified only in the development and design of heat exchangers at specialized […]

Comparison of thermal curtains

[ad_1] «Kneading» air curtains: Teplomash, Tropic Line, Ballu. Review of the best. You will have to compare thermal curtains if you want to manage your money in the best possible way. The equipment of each manufacturer has its own characteristics that must be considered. In today’s article, we will consider three popular brands of thermal […]

All about air curtains

[ad_1] Simply and clearly about the air insulation of openings and gates. How to avoid common mistakes when choosing a thermal curtain? How to correctly calculate the performance, parameters of the room and the doorway? Water or electric, finally? This article is devoted to this and other issues. The successful design of the air curtain […]

Thermal curtains in questions and answers

[ad_1] I want to install a thermal curtain in my store. What should be its length, performance and installation height? The length of the air curtain should be slightly greater than or equal to the width of the opening over which it is installed. Otherwise, the air curtain created by the device will not completely […]