Long-burning stoves for summer cottages

[ad_1] In order to be comfortable in the country house not only in summer, but also in the winter cold, it is necessary to equip it with heating equipment that would maintain the optimum temperature. The presence of a long-burning stove will solve the problem of warmth and comfort in the house. Features of long-burning […]

Long-burning wood-burning stoves for summer cottages

[ad_1] Currently, there are many different options for heating summer cottages. Of course, a gas boiler is one of the most convenient and economical ways. But if there is no gas pipeline where your suburban area is located, it makes sense to pay attention to long-burning wood-burning stoves for summer cottages. How does a long-burning […]

Heating cottages with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps

[ad_1] Published 11/01/2018 Article author Artur Tarasov CEO, expert in air conditioning, ventilation, humidification systems Ask a question to a specialist Heating problems are becoming more and more critical. Gas is included in the category of not cheap, electric is completely dependent on power supply, central is also not the most reliable due to emerging […]

TOP-7 supply systems for apartments, cottages and small offices. Rating 2021

[ad_1] Published 08.11.2021 Article author Andrey Nikolaev Project Manager, Diploma in HVAC Systems Ask a question to a specialist We bring to your attention 7 popular air handling units of medium productivity. These are models from domestic and foreign manufacturers. All presented installations are distinguished by the presence of an electric heater, which is especially […]

Water heater for summer cottages and houses: how to choose?

[ad_1] Gas and electric water heaters are used both in country houses and in city apartments where there is no centralized hot water supply or it is provided intermittently. Yes, and the quality of heated cold water is usually higher than hot, intended only for household and technical needs. In addition, hot water supply is […]