Wall-mounted electric convectors

[ad_1] Installing an electric convector will help solve the problem of creating a comfortable microclimate in cold weather. They serve both for additional heating of residential premises in case of poor performance of the central heating system, and in the absence of it in rooms — cottages, warehouses, stalls, and so on. Convectors have confidently […]

Rating of the best convectors with photos and descriptions of characteristics

[ad_1] The rating contains popular convectors that have gained popularity among users who leave a lot of positive feedback about the operation of the device. The review included models that cope with space heating quickly and efficiently. RESANTA OK-2000C — Customers’ Choice Electric convector «RESANTA» is designed for space heating. This device is equipped with […]

Floor convectors — when are they used?

[ad_1] In the image of the ideal home that most people cherish throughout their lives, the important place is usually a beautiful garden and large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room with built-in doors through which the living room connects to the garden. Consequently, modern building designs often include large glazing that extends to the […]

What are floor convectors

[ad_1] Today, manufacturers of climate equipment provide a wide range of devices that differ in principle of operation, power, capabilities and cost. Choosing a heater as the main or additional source of heating, the consumer solves a number of issues. The power of the purchased heater directly depends on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe heated room. […]

Convectors in questions and answers

[ad_1] Lisa: The central heating system in our house can’t keep up with heating the bathroom. Can I use a convector for additional heating? Most manufacturers produce special series of convectors for rooms with high humidity. The case of such devices has protection against splashes in all directions and additional electrical protection. For installation in […]

NOBO Energy Control: control of convectors with one touch

[ad_1] Controlling appliances in the house with a single button is a tempting dream of many modern people. The abundance of household appliances with complex settings often does not simplify, but complicates our life. Fortunately, technology does not stand still and the world’s leading manufacturers are attentive to the needs of their customers. The Norwegian […]

Electric heating convectors: how to choose?

[ad_1] Electric heating convectors — simple, inexpensive and reliable electric heaters. They consist of a metal case with gratings, inside of which there is a heating element. The electric convector does not have a fan, so it does not make noise, and air circulation is created by natural convection currents formed during heating. Many models […]