Wall-mounted gas boiler — features, pros and cons, comparison with floor models

[ad_1] Increasingly, consumers are choosing a modern wall-mounted gas boiler as a means of space heating. The device is reliable, compact and easily copes with the tasks at the right choice of power and design. Due to the presence of automation, the operation of the device does not require constant intervention. Features of gas boilers […]

Breather — what it is, device, principle of operation, why it is needed, pros and cons, comparison with a recuperator

[ad_1] It does not matter whether we are talking about the arrangement of a private and multi-apartment building or a huge industrial enterprise, builders must provide for a ventilation system. If desired or necessary, units are additionally installed that purify and supply air to the room. Such devices include a breather. What is a breezer? […]

Chiller or VRF, which is more profitable? Comparison of performance and costs

[ad_1] Published 04.10.2022 Article author Evgeny Bychkov Managing Partner, Industrial Climate Systems Specialist Ask a question to a specialist Content: Performance Layout The main elements of the refrigeration system Exploitation Economy Conclusion The key differences between a VRF and a chiller are in the way thermal energy is transferred. In the first case, heat exchange […]

Comparison of Wolf KG TOP 96 and Komfovent VERSO-S-KV-40-XH-PM ventilation units

[ad_1] Published 06/16/2020 Article author Artur Tarasov CEO, expert in air conditioning, ventilation, humidification systems Ask a question to a specialist Often, customers turn to us with a request to prepare several options for solving a problem or to select alternative equipment. In such cases, we first of all find out from the customer what […]

Comparison of thermal curtains

[ad_1] «Kneading» air curtains: Teplomash, Tropic Line, Ballu. Review of the best. You will have to compare thermal curtains if you want to manage your money in the best possible way. The equipment of each manufacturer has its own characteristics that must be considered. In today’s article, we will consider three popular brands of thermal […]