Installing a kitchen air cleaner

[ad_1] In order to be able to “breathe deeply” in the kitchen, it is not enough to choose the ideal hood from a technical point of view, it must also be installed correctly. This is a rather complicated process, and you should not try to carry it out yourself, but it is still useful to […]

5 reasons to install a central vacuum cleaner

[ad_1] 1. Revolution of life The central vacuum cleaner is an engineering system at home. The technology of central dust removal was a tectonic shift in the structure of everyday life. With the growth of knowledge about the nature of allergies, the technology of portable vacuum cleaners has gradually exhausted itself. In the field of […]

Which air cleaner to choose

[ad_1] «Air Wash» is a simple and reliable hybrid humidifier and air purifier. Due to cold evaporation, “sinks” not only perfectly process the air, but also do not violate the natural level of humidity in the room. «Air washers» have the widest range of applications. They cope equally well with household dust, allergens, tobacco smoke, […]