Is it possible to completely replace central heating with air conditioning?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 3.4k. Versatility is the main trend in the development of modern household appliances. Initially, food processors began to have versatility. After that, the mobile phone turned from a means of communication into a full-fledged media center, and after a while into a portable PC. This direction was […]

Central air conditioners Korf AN sectional type

[ad_1] Areas of use for AN air conditionersKorf AN sectional type central air conditioners are designed to artificially maintain the required climate indicators in rooms intended for a wide variety of uses. AN central air conditioners clean, heat, cool, mix air or other non-explosive gases to supply rooms where a certain level of comfort or […]

How do central air conditioners work?

[ad_1] To create a microclimate in large buildings, central air conditioners (CC) are widely used. Their work is connected with the supply of prepared air to the premises. Extended functions of the Central Committee distinguish them in a special range of climate technology. What is central air conditioning Central air conditioning is an installation that […]

5 reasons to install a central vacuum cleaner

[ad_1] 1. Revolution of life The central vacuum cleaner is an engineering system at home. The technology of central dust removal was a tectonic shift in the structure of everyday life. With the growth of knowledge about the nature of allergies, the technology of portable vacuum cleaners has gradually exhausted itself. In the field of […]

Puzer Pro: domestic central vacuum systems

[ad_1] Are you dusting or dusting? Have you noticed myriads of dust particles dancing merrily in a sunbeam after cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner? And the specific smell of «purity»? The main problem is dust. And no matter how much you use a vacuum cleaner and a rag, after a while the “cultural layer” […]

Solutions for automation of ventilation units and central air conditioners

[ad_1] In the modern metropolis, many high-rise structures made of glass and concrete are being built and operated. Entering such a modern building, we sometimes do not think about the equipment that helps us breathe and provides an optimal microclimate in every room, whether it be an office, a trading floor or even a technical […]