Split system cassette type characteristics and scope

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 4.2k. Currently, the market for climate technology is filled with various types of air conditioners. Among them, a cassette-type air conditioner occupies a worthy place, which has long gained the respect and popularity of a huge number of people. The main purpose of cassette-type climate systems is […]

Overview of cassette air conditioners with forced ventilation

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 1.6k. The use of air conditioners has long been a common practice. There are different types of these devices, some for the home and others for larger public spaces. It is the latter that include cassette models. The ability to direct air flows in different directions favorably […]

Cassette air conditioner

[ad_1] When it comes to regulating the temperature of a spacious room, in most cases the choice is made in favor of purchasing and installing a cassette air conditioner. It does its job well in offices, shops, halls, catering places and large-sized housing, evenly distributing the supplied air. Cassette air conditioner — features The device […]

Cassette air conditioners: models of which manufacturers are the most reliable?

[ad_1] Published 06/11/2020 Article author Artur Tarasov CEO, expert in air conditioning, ventilation, humidification systems Ask a question to a specialist When choosing an air conditioner, you need to take into account many factors, first of all — the size of the room. For small apartments and offices, wall-mounted units are usually chosen, and for […]

Daikin’s new design cassette air conditioners

[ad_1] Published 19.10.2021 Article author Anastasia Belousova Project Manager Ask a question to a specialist Daikin introduces the new FCAG-B / RZAG cassette air conditioners. This series features 360° comfortable air distribution and creates a pleasant microclimate for optimal efficiency. It is developed on the basis of FCAG-A / RZAG, supplemented with new decorative panels […]