Humidifier: which is better to buy

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 10 min Views 3k. A modern apartment has a complete set of household and kitchen appliances, which greatly simplifies a person’s life, doing most of the operations for him. Now you can practically do laundry without taking part in this process, cook dinner for the whole family, helping the technician […]

Which humidifier with ionization function to buy for home?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 3.2k. An air humidifier with an ionization function installed in the apartment will contribute to a better absorption of oxygen by the body. This is due to the fact that the air will be enriched with negative and positive ions. Unfortunately, in the natural conditions of housing, […]

How to choose the right fan for your home? Which model is better to buy?

[ad_1] I think many will agree that a fan is much healthier than a bulky air conditioner. It’s stuffy in summer, you want a breeze, but where can you get it? That’s when we start to think and look for a way out. Buying a fan may be a good solution. There are five types […]

Why buy from market leaders?

[ad_1] Published 07/21/2011 What is the best air conditioner to buy? China, Malaysia or another manufacturer? The statistics of opinion polls and the practical experience of consumers show that cheap equipment means expensive problems, and the “Made in China” label will sometimes come out more expensive than the Daikin brand name. Why is that? The […]

How to buy an air conditioner

[ad_1] Air conditioners have entered our lives so tightly that more and more manufacturers are introducing more and more new models of these devices. As they say, for every taste and color. Therefore, the purchase of the air conditioner you need has long turned into a kind of quest. How to choose the type of […]

Everything you need to know about mobile air conditioners before you buy

[ad_1] Who needs a mobile air conditioner, how to choose one, and how does it work? Portal asked representatives of the leading companies in the climate technology market. Benefits of a mobile air conditioner Disadvantages of a mobile air conditioner How do leading companies in the industry see a modern “mobile phone”? Who needs […]

Infrared underfloor heating — to buy or not?

[ad_1] Warm floors have not been considered a luxury item for a long time, especially infrared ones. After all, the price of infrared film per square meter starts at about 700 rubles. The product itself, until recently, was little tested by the user. A lot of questions arose, such as: how much electricity does a […]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Inverter Air Conditioner

[ad_1] The debate about which air conditioner is better — inverter or conventional — has not subsided in recent years. The situation today is somewhat reminiscent of the one that has developed in the phone market, when mobile devices began to massively replace the usual, stationary ones. Skeptics at that time also doubted that the […]

Which heater to buy for the office or home?

[ad_1] With the approach of winter frosts, for many owners of offices and houses, the issue of choosing an additional source of heating becomes more relevant. Barely warm batteries and, accordingly, the lack of a sense of comfort in the room are well known to everyone. Now all this can be avoided by purchasing a […]

Which heater to buy for production and warehouse?

[ad_1] Providing a comfortable temperature in industrial premises or in a warehouse using a central heating system is a difficult and sometimes even impossible task. This is due not only to the large area and height of ceilings in industrial buildings, but also to the specifics of a particular production. Often in one room there […]