Construction repair of buildings and structures: types and classification of repair work

[ad_1] Repair is a process that is familiar to everyone. This event is carried out systematically, and we observe it almost daily. Therefore, it is already a common thing in our daily life. The word «repair» is borrowed from French (remonter) and in the original language means to restore. Having already opened modern dictionaries, the […]

How high-temperature boilers help save on boiler houses in residential buildings

[ad_1] The pace of construction of finished housing in Russia has fallen to historic lows. The reasons lie on the surface: the coronavirus crisis, the decline in incomes of the population. In order not to raise the cost per square meter, developers are looking for ways to save money. The same question arises before the […]

Sea potential for heating and cooling buildings

[ad_1] The development of new, environmentally friendly technologies for heating and cooling residential and commercial premises is one of the key challenges for many energy companies around the world. The use of the energy of the sun, sea tides and currents, wind and heat obtained from the bowels of the earth, to one degree or […]