Do-it-yourself bathroom ventilation in an apartment building

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 2.5k. Probably, it makes no sense to explain why ventilation of each room in a residential building is necessary: ​​tens of thousands of articles have been written about this in the media and hundreds of Internet resources have been created dedicated to this issue. This publication discusses […]

How to get rid of humid air in a new building

[ad_1] Have you become the owner of an apartment in a new building, but your happiness has been overshadowed by a number of problems? The house is still damp, unheated, and not all apartments are occupied. Hence the coldness, general dampness and increased humidity in the rooms. Most often, the apartment is still waiting for […]

Building climate control made easy!

[ad_1] The issue of central control of multi-zone systems with variable refrigerant flow has become especially relevant in recent years, as it allows you to manage equipment as efficiently as possible. The widespread use of VRF systems in buildings of various purposes requires both simple and reliable centralized control schemes for the system itself, and […]

Heating of an industrial building

[ad_1] The quality of the products manufactured by the enterprise, largely depends on the proper level of production. The implementation of technological processes requires compliance with certain parameters of indoor air. To create the necessary parameters, such engineering systems as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, etc. are used. The task of heating is to maintain the […]

Vertical solutions — building smart

[ad_1] Chiller or VRF? Fluorescent or LED lights? Centralized or individual control? Why choose more expensive equipment when you can get by with a lower initial investment and still have the same room temperature and same light levels? In 2013, LG Electronics offers Russian customers unique «Vertical Solutions» . The concept is very simple — […]