Electric boilers for heating a private house

[ad_1] Unfortunately, gasification has not made its way to all corners of our country. Therefore, owners of private houses have to think about how to heat their homes in winter. Unfortunately, the old way of warming the house with a stove is not suitable for everyone — troublesome, inconvenient. Therefore, many turn their attention to […]

Electric heating energy-saving boilers

[ad_1] Heating is one of the most important and expensive components of home improvement. That is why this issue should be taken very seriously. Of course, home insulation significantly reduces the cost of heating it, but if you do not live in the tropics, but in the middle lane or to the north, you still […]

Gas double-circuit boilers — how to choose?

[ad_1] Autonomous heating even in an apartment today is no longer a novelty. When the heating season comes and you have to wait for the batteries in the apartment to become warm, you start thinking about installing a boiler. In a private house, this is not only a source of heat, but also hot water. […]

Condensing boilers

[ad_1] For many consumers, the question of choosing a gas boiler has become relevant. Conventional boilers, which were preferred to be installed earlier, began to give way to heating condensing boilers. The principle of operation of condensing boilers Both in a traditional gas boiler and in a condensing boiler, during the combustion of gas, part […]

Rating of the best electric boilers for the home: floor and wall

[ad_1] Electric boilers are especially relevant in homes without access to a gas main. Manufacturers offer electric boilers with floor and wall installation. Each brand has models designed for different areas — from a small apartment to a cottage with several floors. But what to choose? This rating of electric boilers will help you choose […]

How high-temperature boilers help save on boiler houses in residential buildings

[ad_1] The pace of construction of finished housing in Russia has fallen to historic lows. The reasons lie on the surface: the coronavirus crisis, the decline in incomes of the population. In order not to raise the cost per square meter, developers are looking for ways to save money. The same question arises before the […]

Overview of pellet boilers «Pyrolysis Master» of the updated series

[ad_1] Pellet boilers of the Pyrolysis Master brand have long been known in the Russian market of solid fuel boilers and enjoy well-deserved popularity due to their reliable and efficient design. In this article, the portal TopClimat.ru shares with our readers an overview of the updated classic line of the PELLET series, which works on […]

Solid fuel boilers — a solid five

[ad_1] Even if your house is located in the subtropical zone, it needs heating — this is an axiom, because the weather is unpredictable, and no one wants to freeze in their own house. Snow falls even in the Sahara. The most versatile device that will heat your home is a solid fuel boiler. Judge […]

Stainless steel chimneys for stoves and boilers

[ad_1] Stainless steel double chimney Every year more and more citizens decide to move to a permanent place of residence in their own country house to live in nature, in an ecologically clean place, but with the same developed infrastructure, communications, comfort and amenities as in a city apartment. First of all, each cottage owner […]

Specifics and advantages of mining boilers

[ad_1] The main criteria for choosing the type of heating system are the cost of equipment, fuel and its costs to achieve certain performance indicators. After analyzing these parameters, we can conclude that a mini-boiler for working out is the most profitable for installation in a room of any type. general information Boilers for mining […]