Humidifier: which is better to buy

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 10 min Views 3k. A modern apartment has a complete set of household and kitchen appliances, which greatly simplifies a person’s life, doing most of the operations for him. Now you can practically do laundry without taking part in this process, cook dinner for the whole family, helping the technician […]

Humidifier for indoor plants: which device is better

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 6.7k. Megacities are the brainchild of our civilization. Cities grow, merge with each other, forming huge settlements in which very little space is allotted to nature. It is in order to be closer to nature that many residents of large cities arrange winter gardens on their heated […]

Dehumidifier or air conditioner: what is better to cope with dampness in the workplace

[ad_1] Dehumidifier or air conditioner: what is better to cope with dampness in the workplace [ad_2]

Air dryers — 2 principles of operation. Which is better?

[ad_1] Modern technology allows you to maintain indoor conditions that are optimal for a person. Even the problem with high humidity is easily and simply solved with the help of a special device — an air dryer. For everyone who knows firsthand about dampness, it will be useful to know: what desiccants are used for, […]

Which is better — a convector or an oil heater?

[ad_1] Quite often, people experience a lack of heat in their house or apartment, and therefore think about purchasing additional heaters. The most popular of them today are oil or convector type. The principle of heating is the same in both — convection. The way air moves is different. And here people are wondering: what […]

How to choose the right fan for your home? Which model is better to buy?

[ad_1] I think many will agree that a fan is much healthier than a bulky air conditioner. It’s stuffy in summer, you want a breeze, but where can you get it? That’s when we start to think and look for a way out. Buying a fan may be a good solution. There are five types […]

Which humidifier is better: ultrasonic or steam? Tips from Komarovsky

[ad_1] A normal level of moisture is needed not only to ensure the health of children and adults, but furniture, parquet and plants also need a comfortable environment. Therefore, the choice of a humidifier should be taken seriously. Consider which is better steam or ultrasonic humidifier. Steam humidifier The principle of operation of this device […]

How to choose a geyser in an apartment? Which is better automatic or semi-automatic?

[ad_1] A large number of models of water heaters of imported and domestic manufacturers are presented on the gas equipment market today. Below we will consider how to choose a gas column. After all, in order to choose the right device, you need to understand the features of different types of speakers and their characteristics. […]

How to choose an air conditioner: which one is better for an apartment, for a house

[ad_1] How to choose an air conditioner is a multifaceted task, the solution of which, given the variety of climate equipment on the market, is more correct to entrust to professionals. However, the advice of the Vencon specialists will help everyone who intends to buy an air conditioner to freely operate with the key parameters […]

Installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner • Where is it better to install: recommendations

[ad_1] Installing the indoor unit of an air conditioner is a process that requires care and precision. In order not to make a mistake, you should strictly follow the recommendations prescribed in the operating instructions for the device. Each model of the climate device has its own characteristics and differences: In the number of functions; […]