Solutions for automation of ventilation units and central air conditioners

[ad_1] In the modern metropolis, many high-rise structures made of glass and concrete are being built and operated. Entering such a modern building, we sometimes do not think about the equipment that helps us breathe and provides an optimal microclimate in every room, whether it be an office, a trading floor or even a technical […]

Why do we need automation on heating boilers?

[ad_1] Many boiler houses use automated systems for control and management. And this is no coincidence. According to statistics, most often they are subject to shutdowns, breakdowns and fires. In addition, automation ensures uninterrupted supply of heat and water to the network. Boilers with automation work much more efficiently and economically. You can buy modern […]

Smart automation for a smart home

[ad_1] Automation is able to solve almost all the main tasks of managing the engineering infrastructure of a private or multi-apartment building, as well as monitoring the state of this infrastructure. Tasks solved by home automation Automation for «smart home» Automation for home heating Composition of automation for engineering systems Protective functions implemented by automation […]

Market novelties: ventilation, heating, automation, humidification

[ad_1] The second part of the review «Novelties in the climate market in 2018». Here you will learn about fresh products of ventilation, heating, automation and humidification systems. VENTILATION Column Fan Peter AWN fans from Aereco Family of fire-fighting «wall» dampers Sigmavent BFSU Ventilation units Kentatsu «Universal» Exhaust hood with built-in hydraulic filter NPO Tekhnologiya […]

Import substitution for automation of climate control systems

[ad_1] On January 14, 2017, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a remarkable resolution number 9: “On establishing a ban on the admission of goods originating from foreign countries…”. In short and to the point, this decree prohibits the purchase of a number of goods of foreign origin for the needs of the country’s […]