Air conditioning with air flow from the street: the advantages of such climate technology

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 5.9k. In the conditions of modern airtight apartments, questions related to inefficiency are increasingly arising. [link_webnavoz][/link_webnavoz], namely with the lack of influx of street air masses. Due to the lack of fresh air in such rooms, the oxygen content in the air mixture is significantly reduced, which […]

device features and advantages over conventional split systems

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 2.6k. Inverter split systems, outwardly, do not differ from ordinary wall-mounted air conditioners, except for stickers. In fact, there are cardinal differences, but they are all inside. Many people ask the question, what does an inverter split system mean? This concept comes from the Latin concept «inverto», […]

Geyser — what is it, device, principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages

[ad_1] A modern person cannot do without the benefits of civilization, so it is difficult for many to imagine their life without hot water. When it is not possible to use the services of centralized water supply, a geyser comes to the rescue. Due to the wide variety of models, everyone can choose the right […]

Heating with air conditioning: the advantages of inverter systems

[ad_1] Any air conditioner is designed to cool the air in the room. But in the cold season, for many users, this device works for heating. However, before you start operating the equipment in this way, you need to understand how to properly start the heating with an air conditioner. This information will help prevent […]

what is it, advantages, how to choose

[ad_1] There are many heating systems on the market that use different methods of heat transfer. Infrared devices are in great demand. One of the variations of such heating devices is a picture-heater. What it is, and how expedient it is to buy such a device, we will consider below. What it is The film […]

Supply ventilation in an apartment and a house: advantages, types and arrangement options

[ad_1] A well-equipped supply ventilation system is the key to a comfortable and healthy microclimate. In this matter, one cannot rely only on natural air exchange. It is clearly not enough, especially in modern housing with sealed doors and windows. We need to look for other ways to provide fresh air. Let’s see how this […]

Multizone air conditioning systems: what are the advantages?

[ad_1] Published 17.09.2020 Article author Artur Tarasov CEO, expert in air conditioning, ventilation, humidification systems Ask a question to a specialist Multi-zone systems are one of the best alternatives to split and multi-split systems, which are not suitable for air conditioning large areas. Before the advent of such equipment, ducted air conditioners were used, which […]

About some advantages of absorption chillers

[ad_1] Approximately 10 years ago, in our country, first a single, then a wide practical use of air conditioners began to create comfortable conditions in rooms for various purposes. In the vast majority of cases, these were split systems, it was often possible to observe how up to two hundred of their outdoor units appeared […]

Air heating and its advantages

[ad_1] The main advantages of air heating Currently, in the countries of North and South America, instead of classical water heating systems, air heating systems are increasingly being used. These systems began to be used especially widely and everywhere at the end of the eighties, when the equipment used in these systems reached 80% or […]

Duct heaters — advantages of underfloor heating

[ad_1] Usually, when thinking about radiators, most people think of heating devices that are installed on the walls, that is, radiators. However, if this solution does not completely suit the customer, it is worth thinking about underfloor heaters. How do they work and for what interiors are they suitable? Home heating is a critical […]