How to organize ventilation in a wooden house?

[ad_1] Ventilation plays an incredibly important role in the fate of any modern building, including a house built of wood. In the latter case, ventilation will have its own features that are directly related to the specifics of the tree. It is important to mount and design air exchange even at the initial stages of […]

Why is apartment ventilation necessary?

[ad_1] Nine out of ten owners of apartments or private houses do not pay due attention to the quality of ventilation in their homes, considering this engineering network to be secondary. However, the organization of proper air exchange in residential and auxiliary premises is almost more important than the constant supply of electrical energy or […]

How to make ventilation in the pool?

[ad_1] Swimming pools are built in hotels, sanatoriums, baths, resort complexes and in private homes. Ventilation plays one of the most important roles in them, since a large volume of liquid in enclosed spaces contributes to an increased release of moisture into the air. The resulting condensate causes damage to finishing materials, corrosion of metals, […]

Ways to organize supply ventilation

[ad_1] Forced ventilation is important both for private housing and for mass crowded places (offices, shopping centers, enterprises, factories, hotels). Depending on the place of operation, the methods of organizing supply ventilation also differ. They can be ducted (with distribution of highways along corridors and rooms and a single serviced unit) and non-ducted (each device […]

What are the features of the attic ventilation installation?

[ad_1] Sometimes the owners irrationally use the possibilities of the attic or attic, arranging a warehouse of unnecessary things there and not worrying about heating and ventilation. Proper and effective ventilation of the attic floor is one of the main tasks facing the construction of a house; failure to do so leads to significant financial […]

What are the features of installing ventilation in a server room?

[ad_1] Ventilation is provided in the server room to create the required microclimate. Its design and installation have a number of features specified in the Construction Norms and Rules (SNiP). Can we do without ventilation? It is impossible to solve the problems of maintaining the microclimate without ventilation of the room. It is part of […]

What are the features of car park ventilation installation?

[ad_1] Due to the increasing number of vehicles, the need to organize covered parking lots at various levels is steadily increasing. Parking lot equipment: industry specifics Underground parking lots, which have become part of the daily life of cities and have become widespread, are recognized as specific and unsafe premises. Insufficient control of carbon monoxide […]

What are the features of ventilation installation in hotels?

[ad_1] A hotel is a rather complicated object in terms of the arrangement of ventilation systems. The presence of premises for various purposes (hotel rooms, kitchens, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc.) requires compliance with strictly established microclimate characteristics. Good to know:What is a supply and exhaust ventilation system? Requirements for ventilation systems in a hotel The […]

What are the features of installing ventilation in the office?

[ad_1] Good to know:How to choose a ventilation system? The intensity of the work of employees of a company or business center, their desire to work with full dedication directly depends on the quality of the air in the office. There are many options for ventilation in the office, but only a few of them […]

How to provide ventilation in a frame house?

[ad_1] How to equip the ventilation system in a frame house so that it performs its tasks in the best possible way: it provides the house with fresh air and eliminates excess moisture that leads to damage to the supporting structures? Good to know:What is an air recuperator? The problems of ventilation are very acute […]