Kitchen ventilation: alignment with the hood

[ad_1] Fox The exhaust hood is one of the most important elements of the hood. Its design is always different in shape and gives the hood the necessary individuality. Fox High-tech style hoods are made of heat and impact resistant glass and stainless steel. They are not only «close in spirit» to modern hobs, but […]

Atmosphere to your taste

[ad_1] TOSHIBA The indoor unit of the ducted air conditioner is installed behind a false ceiling TOSHIBA The console indoor unit has a small installation area and a channel for mixing fresh air. SANYO Ceiling blocks create a powerful yet smooth air flow that covers the entire room Low Altitude (190mm) double-sided cassette from TOSHIBA […]

Taming the Wind

[ad_1] From this side heater (model G6RX from NORDYN) are visible high-performance fan, smoke exhauster, injection gas burner nozzles (working pressure 130-180 mmHg Art.), gas fittings and elements of the automation system The layout of the air climate system in the cottage: 1. Gas air hot-heater 2. Indoor unit split system 3. Electronic filter 4. […]

When water rules the home climate

[ad_1] The idea is to use the most common liquid in nature— water— to control the home climate is not new: confirmation of this— central water heating and air humidifiers. BUTuse of water for cooling residential premises— a little-known phenomenon. Today we will talk about it in more detail.Chiller-fan coil system: arguments for and against […]

Home climate prevention

[ad_1] To change the filters, you will need to carefully lift (orremove) the front panel of the indoor unit The replaceable filter for coarse air purification is a fine mesh and can be easily dismantled. The procedure for removing air and electricalstatic filters Tape heating element helps to provide a «warm» crankcase of the compressor […]

Asian version of air conditioning

[ad_1] Internal blocks manufacturer — 2.2/2.5kW VRV systems from Daikin in the interior: wall VRV system outdoor unit (14kW) from Daikin fixed on the facade of the house above the indoor units by 27m Internal blocks manufacturer — 2.2/2.5kW VRV systems from Daikin in the interior: channel Refnets-splitters used when laying the pipeline: T-shaped forms […]

Where does the wind blow from?

[ad_1] RHOSSSectional duct air conditioner UNTB from RHOSS of horizontal design for concealed installation in suspended ceilings. Height— 29cm LGPlasma air purification filter. Air is passed through the section with a voltage of 4800 V. As a result, all microorganisms die, impurities and odors decompose into harmless components. The fan of this SANYO high-pressure air […]

If there is nothing to breathe in the apartment

[ad_1] architect K.Beskibalov. Photo by V.Nefedov. The usual consequences of the deterioration of the work of natural ventilation is an increase in the content of carbon dioxide and humidity in the air in the apartment. If the former can only be determined with the help of special instruments, then the latter is easily detected by […]

The evolution of the split system

[ad_1] Air conditioner outdoor unit O2 Shower from Panasonic takes air from the street, increases the concentration of oxygen contained in it up to 30%, after which it delivers prepared air to the room through a flexible hose Daichi «SQUIREL» Architect G. AstaryanThe FUJITSU GENERAL Plasma Aero air conditioner is equipped with a plasma filter […]

Air duct crowning

[ad_1] VERCO-VERSICHELE SYSTEMAIRPerforated panel TSO(a) and Sinus-A cassette nozzle(b) PROCLIMA-SVAMP Air supply plafonds with flow swirl for large rooms Floor diffusers seriesFB from TROX The assortment of Russian enterprises includes ventilation grilles painted in colors according to the RAL catalog. «Arktika» offers marbled air distributors(a) and «beech bavaria»(b). There are «wooden» models— under cherry, pear, […]