quartz heater

[ad_1] With the onset of the first cool autumn days, the issue of heating apartments and houses becomes especially relevant. Manufacturers do not get tired of surprising consumers with new models of devices, one of which is quartz heaters for houses, cottages or apartments. There are two types of quartz heaters: traditional and infrared. What […]

Ceramic fan heater

[ad_1] Additional space heating becomes relevant when there are interruptions in central heating, as well as in the off-season — when it has not yet been turned on or has already been turned off. One of the easiest ways to keep you warm is a fan heater. They have a number of advantages: low price, […]

Oil Electric Radiator

[ad_1] Long autumn rains, and then the first snow, bring not only new impressions to our homes, but also make us think about heating. This is especially true for owners of apartments and houses connected to a centralized heating system, because expectations of heat are not always justified. It is for this reason that a […]

Heating batteries: bimetallic or aluminum?

[ad_1] In the cold season, heating is very important for any living space. With the development of new technical solutions, we are gradually moving away from old cast-iron radiators, replacing them with modern ones — steel or aluminum. What are these innovations in the world of heating, what is the difference between aluminum and bimetallic […]

Vacuum heating radiators

[ad_1] In the cold season, you want to return to a warm apartment and feel comfortable. If the problem with additional heating is solved immediately, then we remember about savings and the possibility of heating rooms for less money when bills come. Vacuum heating batteries cannot be called a novelty, but they are not so […]

Steel panel heating radiators

[ad_1] In heating private houses, dachas, cottages, steel panel heating radiators have become one of the most popular types of batteries, since their use requires an autonomous heating system. The main characteristics of steel heating radiators are high heat transfer, affordable price, a large selection of sizes and capacities, and a neat design. Design and […]

Table fireplace

[ad_1] Few would give up the luxury of having a fireplace in their home. The warmth of the fire, crackling logs, home comfort… But often our living conditions do not favor the installation of bulky fireplaces. And then such innovative design solutions as, for example, a desktop biofireplace come to the rescue. What is a […]

Screens for heating radiators

[ad_1] Screens for heating radiators will perfectly ennoble your batteries, moreover, adding style to the design of your apartment. Of course, if you make the right choice among all the screens that the modern market offers us. Most often they buy screens for cast-iron radiators, which look, to put it mildly, not very stylish and […]

Wall fan heater

[ad_1] A fan heater is the best device for quickly heating a room. The principle of its operation is simple — the heating elements increase the temperature of the air, and the fan blades ensure its distribution throughout the room. The main advantage of such devices is fast, almost instantaneous heating of the area. In […]

Convector or oil heater?

[ad_1] With the onset of autumn, for many families, the question of having an additional source of heat in the house or, simply, a heater becomes especially relevant. And as a possible heating device, two options are usually considered: a convector or an oil heater. What is the difference between a convector and an oil […]