Types of dehumidifiers

[ad_1] The microclimate of many domestic and industrial premises contains an excess amount of moisture, which is formed due to evaporation processes and, accordingly, liquid condensation on surfaces with a low temperature. These phenomena often lead to the formation of mold or fungus, cause corrosion, gradually destroying, thus, the buildings themselves, as well as their […]

How does a dehumidifier work

[ad_1] Dehumidification is the process of reducing the level of moisture in it. At the same time, moisture from the air condenses on the cooled surface, after which it evaporates or is removed from the apparatus through special chutes. The principle of operation of the dehumidifier The dehumidifier for the home consists of two heat […]

Optimal indoor climate and humidity

[ad_1] To date, almost everyone was able to appreciate all the advantages of plastic windows. They have a high level of noise and heat insulation, they are easy to operate, do not require special care and have an aesthetic design that lasts for many years. Due to the tightness of the structure, energy saving and […]

When is a dehumidifier needed?

[ad_1] We often hear that it is necessary to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the house, as this is the key to good health and well-being. But there are situations when it is necessary not to increase the humidity, but to lower it. And in these cases, a device such as an air […]

Dehumidification technologies

[ad_1] High humidity not only negatively affects the microclimate, but also affects the condition of interior items and things stored in the room. Air dehumidification helps prevent mold, metal corrosion, lowering of the electrical resistance of insulating materials, cracking of walls as a result of freezing moisture, and other negative consequences. Dehumidifiers are used to […]

How to calculate the capacity of an air dryer?

[ad_1] An increased level of air humidity is a negative factor that affects human health and the durability of materials. In such a microclimate, harmful microorganisms begin to actively multiply, mold may appear. This is especially true for such premises as swimming pools, saunas, laundries, drying chambers, workshops, warehouses, etc. To prevent the negative effects […]

What is the principle of operation of an air dryer?

[ad_1] adsorption dryer. Air is drawn in by a fan into the equipment. Excess moisture is retained in the upper layers of the fiberglass-based adsorbent, and the air stream is returned to the room. This type of equipment allows you to dry the air masses without cooling. Adsorption plants are suitable for operation in rooms […]