Dampness in the basement and cellar: causes of dampness in the basement and how to eliminate it

[ad_1] Owners of dachas, private houses, cottages know firsthand the problem of dampness in basements. This issue is most acute in the off-season, when temperature fluctuations outside the building lead to a decrease in the temperature inside and, as a result, to condensation. Why is it necessary to control the temperature and humidity conditions in […]

≋ How to choose an air dryer according to its characteristics

[ad_1] The dehumidifier is a microclimate equipment that can reduce the absolute humidity in a room. Air currents oversaturated with moisture adversely affect: general well-being; working capacity; condition of furniture and wear resistance of household appliances. In rooms with high humidity levels (above 60%): fungus and mold quickly develop; blacken the walls; spoiled ceiling finish, […]

≋ TOP 10 dehumidifiers

[ad_1] Today, people use many devices to improve the quality of life. And one of them is a dehumidifier. They are used not only in the bathroom, where there is usually a high level of humidity. They are also widely used in apartments, private houses, garages or basements. The main plus is the network-independent installation […]

How to get rid of dampness: elimination of fungus and causes of high humidity

[ad_1] High humidity, improperly organized ventilation, lack of an exhaust hood in the kitchen — all this can provoke the appearance of mold and fungus in the house. The air in the room becomes stale, unpleasant — clothes, furniture, curtains are impregnated with it. Problems with excessive humidity are especially evident during the off-season, when […]

what we know about it • What humidity should be in the room.

[ad_1] Each of us at least once in our lives has come across the concept of air humidity. It’s time to learn more about it. Air humidity is the total amount of water vapor in the air of a certain room or in the entire atmosphere. Humidity is absolute and relative. More about each type […]

≋ Ventilation of the gym, gym, fitness room, football hall and sports pool • What you need to know

[ad_1] Insufficient ventilation of gyms leads to the fact that it becomes stuffy, hot, and unpleasant odors appear inside. As a result, the productivity of training decreases, the athletes become short of breath, and the desire to return to the club disappears. Another problem is mold and fungus, which is formed due to high humidity […]

What should be the humidity in the apartment

[ad_1] The quality and composition of the air we breathe affects our well-being, performance and health of the body as a whole. It is very important not only to ventilate the living quarters, but also to monitor the level of humidity. Both too dry and too saturated with water vapor have a negative effect. Constant […]

What is the ventilation of a beauty salon

[ad_1] Beauty salons are popular establishments where people not only perform various procedures to improve their appearance, but also often relax their souls. In such places should be cozy and comfortable. Few people like to spend a couple of hours in a stuffy park atmosphere with strong chemical smells. And what can we say about […]

Wall mounted dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Features of their application

[ad_1] High levels of humidity in swimming pools are common. But it must be fought, because because of this, the decoration of the room, furniture, and building structures deteriorate. And most importantly, the microclimate is deteriorating. Plus, microbes begin to multiply in the air, which often leads to health problems for pool visitors (or, at […]

Installation of ventilation and dehumidification of air in the pool. Why is it necessary?

[ad_1] In all pools located indoors, there is an excessive level of humidity. First, it appears as condensation on the walls, then as mold. And then it spoils furniture, equipment, decoration and negatively affects people’s health. You can solve this problem in 3 ways: Recommend product 4 photos Dehumidifier Mycond MBA 05 G Black In […]