Installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Installation of the outdoor unit on the roof, on the balcony

[ad_1] Installation of the external unit of the air conditioner is the most difficult and lengthy stage among other works. The main problem is the inaccessibility of the installation site, which is often located on the facade or side wall of the building. Self-installation of an external unit of a split system will require maximum […]

What to choose — wall chasing or a special box for the air conditioner route • Features of the drainage hose outlet

[ad_1] The air conditioner consists of two parts — blocks — and is powered by the mains. Modules should not only be correctly positioned and fixed, but also interconnected for correct operation. The line between the indoor and outdoor units consists of copper pipes and interconnecting cables. The drain hose drains condensate from the indoor […]

≋ Charging the air conditioner with refrigerant • How to charge the air conditioner with freon

[ad_1] The refrigerant is a substance necessary for the operation of the air conditioner. It circulates in a closed circuit (consisting of copper pipes, compressor, evaporator, condenser and other elements) and has its own varieties. Today, manufacturers are trying to use freon (refrigerant), which is safe for the environment. Questions about how to properly charge […]

EER and COP indicators • Characteristics of the air conditioner according to the efficiency scale

[ad_1] When buying an air conditioner, one of the most important indicators that you should pay attention to is the level of energy consumption by this device in certain operating conditions. This indicator is the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. Air conditioner efficiency The efficiency factor in the case of air conditioning is the […]

Features of the installation of a drainage system for the removal of condensate • What to consider when designing and installing

[ad_1] The organization of condensate drainage from the air conditioner is always a controversial task for both customers and installers. There are standards and norms for installation, as well as the wishes of the consumer. This is where the conflict arises: not everyone likes the drainage installed at an angle, spoiling the interior, as well […]

≋ Where to hang the air conditioner? • Where is the best place to install air conditioning in an apartment or house

[ad_1] It’s more about where exactly in the apartment to hang the indoor unit of the air conditioner. During the work of our company, we have installed such equipment thousands of times. Based on our own experience, we decided to compile a list of useful tips for you regarding the installation of the air conditioner […]

≋ TOP 10 mid-range air conditioners

[ad_1] Still not using your air conditioner? Maybe it’s time to stop breathing dusty, stuffy air and take care of your health? Moreover, the cost of air conditioning equipment is not so expensive. Our experts analyzed sales statistics for the last year and compiled a rating that includes the best mid-range air conditioners. All models […]

What is freon and what is its use in air conditioning

[ad_1] Freon, used as a refrigerant, is the main working substance in modern split systems. From a chemical point of view, it is a derivative of saturated carbons (methane and ethane) with a fluorine content. In addition to fluorine, the composition may also include chlorine or bromine atoms. What does freon do and why would […]

Where to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Proper installation of the outdoor unit

[ad_1] The choice of the location of the external unit of the air conditioner is extremely important, because the operation of the entire system depends on it. Therefore, the question of where to put the air conditioner is considered one of the first. The place where you hang the module must be thought out in […]