Why hot water does not come out of the boiler: do-it-yourself repair

[ad_1] Such a household appliance as a water heater is very popular. Convenient and undemanding in maintenance, it has found its application both in private houses and in apartments. However, not everything is as smooth as it might seem, and sometimes the owners are faced with incorrect operation of the equipment. The reasons for the […]

Do-it-yourself diesel heat gun repair

[ad_1] These products are used to heat private garages, service stations, utility and storage rooms, construction sites — where people do not live. In the event of a breakdown of diesel heat guns, it is quite possible to independently diagnose, determine the cause of the breakdown and repair the unit. Operating principle Such guns are […]

Choosing an air humidifier for an apartment and a children’s room

[ad_1] It is important for a person to exist in the most comfortable, “healthy” conditions. So his body will not expend energy to compensate for uncomfortable and unstable parameters, immunity will be strong, energy will go to growth and development. In particular, indoor air humidity should be in the range of 50-70%. In some regions […]

How to use a humidifier in the house and apartment

[ad_1] To ensure a comfortable state of health and normal life in the room where a person lives and works, an optimal level of humidity must be maintained. The approximate value of this parameter ranges between 45-60%, depending on the fullness of the room with electronics, the number of people in the apartment and other […]

Inverter air conditioner: the principle of operation, the best models

[ad_1] What is an inverter type air conditioner? In appearance, such climatic devices are no different from their own kind. The external assembly is also typical for representatives of such devices. The same can be said about functions. But at the same time, an inverter-type air conditioner is considered a more advanced device with stable […]

How to properly turn on the gas column and use it

[ad_1] A geyser in many homes is the only way to get hot water. Despite the obvious simplicity of the design, some users have questions about how to properly turn on and operate the geyser. Consider the nuances of the safe use of the unit. Brief introduction to the device One of the most common […]

Connecting the air conditioner to the mains with your own hands

[ad_1] So your dream has come true — an air conditioner has appeared in the house, now the heat in the summer and the dampness in the room in the off-season are not terrible, when the heating has not yet been connected, and it is raining outside the window. Immediately after the installation, the air […]

Which company to choose a storage water heater: an overview of the best

[ad_1] Today, boilers are gaining more and more popularity among users. These sources of hot water supply help to live comfortably all year round, regardless of the schedule of heating networks. In the leading positions are precisely those devices that can accumulate and retain heat. This makes you think: which brand of storage water heater […]

What are the types of fans: classification and characteristics

[ad_1] A mechanical device designed to directly supply or exhaust air into or out of a room, as well as to move it through special air ducts, is called a fan. The drive is electric motors, and the air flow is moved by blades having different configurations and dimensions. The types of fans determine the […]

Heating with air conditioning: the advantages of inverter systems

[ad_1] Any air conditioner is designed to cool the air in the room. But in the cold season, for many users, this device works for heating. However, before you start operating the equipment in this way, you need to understand how to properly start the heating with an air conditioner. This information will help prevent […]