Infrared industrial drying cabinets

[ad_1] In the process of industrial drying, time accuracy and the final result are important. Any food product must be the same from batch to batch (standard quality). In order to save costs and speed up production, the terms of the production itself should be as short as possible. Infrared industrial drying cabinets Infrared industrial […]

Moisture absorber or dehumidifier: which really helps

[ad_1] Content: Options for solving the problem of excessive humidity Moisture absorber: principle of operation, pros and cons Air dryers Dehumidifiers for small rooms (apartment, office, basement) with an area of ​​25 to 40 m2: The principle of operation of air dryers What must be remembered when choosing a household device for air drying Moisture […]

How to get rid of humid air in a new building

[ad_1] Have you become the owner of an apartment in a new building, but your happiness has been overshadowed by a number of problems? The house is still damp, unheated, and not all apartments are occupied. Hence the coldness, general dampness and increased humidity in the rooms. Most often, the apartment is still waiting for […]

Air humidity as an environmental factor human environment

[ad_1] We often hear about how extremely low or high temperature, changes in atmospheric pressure affect a person’s well-being. However, few people think that the level of humidity is an equally important indicator of the comfort of the environment for our body. What is humidity? Its optimal indicators for human activity Humidity is a measure […]

Air dryer. What it is? Applications and types of dryers

[ad_1] Air dehumidifier is a device/system designed to dehumidify air and control humidity in the room. The task of the dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture from the air. The unit takes air from the room, dries it, removing moisture and returns the dried air back, thereby reducing the humidity level to the required value. […]

Types of humidity and why it is needed air drying system

[ad_1] The main factors affecting the microclimate inside the facility are air quality, pollution level, temperature and relative humidity. In this article, we will consider a factor that has a very strong influence not only on the atmosphere in the room, but also on the well-being of the people inside, namely air humidity. The level […]

Drying carpets using air dryer

[ad_1] Content: Something about the process of drying carpets Using a dehumidifier to dry carpets How to choose a dehumidifier for drying carpets The performance of the dehumidifier when working in a laundry Air exchange of the dehumidifier when drying carpets Selection of dehumidifier for carpet laundry If you are the owner of a carpet […]

Humidity and temperature regime in hospitals and operating rooms

[ad_1] Content: Consequences of violation of regulatory requirements for the temperature regime and humidity level in medical institutions What temperature should be in medical facilities What should be the humidity in the operating room What should be the humidity of the air in the laboratory Air dryers for humidity control in medical institutions Medical institutions, […]

How quickly and correctlydry the concrete

[ad_1] Content: How concrete is dried: temperature and humidity conditions How to dry concrete faster and what methods are used A modern approach: how to speed up the drying of concrete How to remove moisture from a concrete floor: calculation basics What are the conditions for using different types of dehumidifiers How to dry concrete […]

mold — invisible enemy

[ad_1] In apartments and houses, in the country, in basements and entrances — we face this invisible enemy every day. These organisms, which have the properties of both plants and animals, are amazingly adapted to the most extreme conditions and appeared on Earth long before humans. They can cause the most serious health disorders, up […]