Floor air conditioners: on the road with a breeze

[ad_1] As you know, you need to prepare a sleigh in the summer. The higher the temperature on the street, the cheaper the prices become and the more surprised the looks of passersby who meet a person with primordially winter paraphernalia. As for winter, it is not necessary to buy bathing suits and air mattresses […]

Pros and cons of ionization

[ad_1] Obviously, the cleaner the air, the healthier it is. However, as A. L. Chizhevsky established, for normal life it is necessary to inhale not just clean, but negatively ionized air. Air cleaner catalog In the absence of negative ions, life stops; in the absence of negative ions, all body functions are inhibited. At the […]

Electric fireplace — an indispensable element of home comfort

[ad_1] Every day the fire becomes more and more popular. Especially if it has the shape of a fireplace in the house. Installing a fireplace is not so easy, this task is beyond the power of every person living in a simple multi-storey building. In addition, an ordinary fireplace can only be placed on the […]

Advantages of infrared heaters

[ad_1] If you decide to buy an infrared heater, you should pay extra attention to its advantages: silent operation of the heater; energy savings (efficiency — 90%); versatility of use: main and additional heating, heating of open and semi-open areas; saving working space (installation under the ceiling); zonal spot heating (for example, for heating the […]

Hot springs: how to choose a water heater?

[ad_1] Deciding on the whole variety of water heaters and finding the most suitable device for yourself is very difficult. We’ve put together a few rules to help you. choose a water heater. Rule one: time is worth money At choosing a water heater a dilemma will inevitably arise: to buy a water heater of […]

On guard of heat: how to choose a thermal curtain?

[ad_1] The thermal curtain is designed not only to heat the room, but also to prevent cold air from the external environment, so its design must correspond to the characteristics of the room. We have prepared several tips, guided by which you can choose the most suitable thermal curtain for solving certain problems. Air curtain […]

Heat up in 60 seconds: how to choose a heat gun?

[ad_1] Because the heat gun retains the title of one of the most powerful devices for space heating, when searching for the optimal model, one must largely focus on the “combat capability” of the device. We have prepared some rules choose a heat gun. Heat guns catalog Rule one: area determines power The power of […]

Heat in the interior: how to choose an electric heater?

[ad_1] To choose electric heater, you need to consider not only the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room, but also its interior. We have prepared several principles, guided by which you can easily determine the most suitable convector. The first principle: heat in «squares» It is necessary to choose an electric heater at the rate of 100 […]

Autonomous gasification — gas tank for a country house

[ad_1] Autonomous gas supply of a country house is an independent, convenient and safe system for supplying a private country house or cottage with liquefied hydrocarbon gas, which has a number of advantages: uninterrupted gas supply, safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness. Gas tanks for a country private house: prices in St. Petersburg When choosing a […]

How to choose a humidifier?

[ad_1] To achieve an optimal indoor climate, it is enough to buy a humidifier. With it, you can not only maintain a constant level of humidity in the room, but also carry out inhalations, as well as aromatherapy sessions. We have prepared some tips on how to choose a humidifier. To create comfortable conditions, the […]