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[ad_1] Why are dehumidifiers needed? As their name implies, dehumidifiers make it drier. They are used to reduce and maintain a certain level of humidity in the premises. Most often, such objects as swimming pools, baths and saunas, laundries, showers, dryers for clothes and overalls, cellars and basements, vegetable stores, warehouses need to install dehumidifiers. […]

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[ad_1] Air dryers are used to regulate the microclimate. This question is relevant both for people and for the situation, whether it is a residential or industrial area. A dehumidifier is a device that reduces the humidity in a room. Clean, moderately dry air is not only human health, but also the safety of the […]

Dehumidifier and mold prevention

[ad_1] High humidity causes a lot of trouble for a person. Common is the appearance of mold on the ceiling, walls and in the corners of rooms. The most rational way to eliminate this problem is to install an air dryer. When mold appears in a room Mold is a microorganism. Their development requires special […]

What is the working principle of an air dryer?

[ad_1] Air dehumidification is the process of removing excess moisture from it. Relevant for residential premises, garages, basements, pools and other premises. In bringing humidity to a given norm, the main link is a device specially created for this purpose — an air dryer. According to the principle of operation, dehumidifiers are divided into three […]

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[ad_1] Choosing the right dehumidifier is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. This requires at least a minimum of special knowledge. When choosing a household dehumidifier, there are several important parameters to consider: the volume of the room where the device will be installed; performance; air exchange; noise level; installation method. […]

What is an industrial air dryer?

[ad_1] An industrial dehumidifier is a device that removes excess moisture from the air in large volumes. Widely used in various sectors of the national economy. There are many different factors to consider when choosing an industrial dehumidifier: performance: air exchange; incoming air flow pressure; inlet and ambient temperature; dew point indicator. Additionally, it is […]

Do pools need a dehumidifier?

[ad_1] An air dryer is a necessary element in eliminating a number of serious problems and negative factors in the pool. High humidity causes significant damage not only to the building, but also to its equipment. Moreover, it is detrimental to the health of pool visitors. Misted windows, water dripping on the walls, rust marks […]

Swimming pool at home. Ventilation or dehumidifier?

[ad_1] Today, more and more people prefer to live in a private house or have a dacha. And some of these people decide to fulfill their old dream — to have a pool in the house. By virtue of living in central Russia or the northern regions of the country, the pool is located in […]

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[ad_1] The microclimate is not just a determination of the totality of parameters of humidity and temperature in a room, but a whole philosophy of creating comfort, good mood and well-being. Modern devices for the microclimate allow you to clean the air of dust, dirt and other particles, reduce or increase its humidity. The category […]

Ventilation and dehumidification systems for swimming pools Breezart

[ad_1] Pool ventilation is an essential element for creating proper air exchange, which determines the quality of the microclimate and the humidity index in the room. With an excess of moisture, condensate accumulates on the ceiling, walls, the performance properties of insulating materials decrease, fungus, mold develop, and other negative phenomena occur. To avoid all […]