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Competent ventilation in a beauty salon is necessary to create a comfortable microclimate and remove polluted air from all its premises. The complexity of designing and installing a ventilation system in such establishments lies in the fact that they, as a rule, provide a large number of services, among which the most common are: a hairdresser; beauty treatment room and manicure room; solarium and spa treatments.


In addition, most modern beauty studios are equipped with showers and saunas, changing rooms, as well as pantries for storing chemicals. Each such room requires a strictly defined type and capacity of the system and is regulated by regulatory documents. The specifics and ventilation requirements for beauty studio spaces such as the hair salon, spa treatment room and solarium will be considered.

Features of the ventilation system of a beauty salon

First of all, the ventilation of a beauty studio must meet the requirements of SNiP 2.04.05-91 and SNiP 2.08.02-89, as well as sanitary and epidemiological requirements regarding the presence of pollution and chemicals in the air. In addition, do not forget about such typical air pollution as dust, bacteria, fungal spores, etc.

The exhaust air must be removed through a separate ventilation duct, made 1.5 meters above the roof level. Taking into account the requirements of SNiP and SANPIN, the engineering systems of a beauty salon must provide:

  • The temperature in the rooms is from 21 to 24 °C.
  • Humidity within 40-60%.
  • The speed of circulation of air masses is 0.1 m/s.

Based on a large number of sources of pollution, humidity and heat gain, in beauty studios with an area of ​​​​more than 150 m2 it is recommended to organize a forced supply and exhaust ventilation system with purification of outgoing air, the performance of which is calculated according to the required air exchange for each room. Beauty salons located in residential buildings and having an area of ​​less than 150 m2 it is allowed not to equip with forced ventilation with mechanical stimulation. The calculation is made in accordance with the regulations of SNiP 2.04.05-91 and II-33-75.

Feature of the ventilation system in the barbershop

Getting rid of harmful substances in the hairdresserVentilation in a hairdressing salon is designed to provide fresh air to its employees and visitors, as well as to reduce various airborne contaminants, such as:

  • trioglycolic acid. MAC — 0.1 mg/m3.
  • Paraphenyldiamine. MAC — 0.1 mg/m3.
  • Ammonia. MAC — 20 mg/m3.
  • Hydrogen sulfide. MAC — 10 mg/m3.
  • Acetone. MAC — 200 mg/m3.
  • Household dust, hair, carbon dioxide, etc.

It is possible to organize effective ventilation of the hairdressing salon with the help of supply and exhaust units that provide suitable air circulation and are equipped with filter elements for cleaning polluted air masses. The most demanded air handling units among our compatriots include products of such brands as: SistemAir; Lessar; Ostberg.Supply and exhaust device

This equipment is mounted behind suspended ceilings and does not affect the design of the hairdressing salon in the beauty salon. In addition, these units have a fairly low noise level, and thanks to the built-in heat exchanger, they consume electricity economically.

Spa salon ventilation system

The work of the SPA salon is characterized by an increased release of moisture and specific odors into the air, thanks to such procedures as:

  • Hydrotherapy, which includes several types of exposure to water on the human body.
  • Various types of massage.
  • Thelassotherapy, which uses sea water and therapeutic mud, emitting a fairly strong smell of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Aromatherapy — the above procedures using aromatic oils.

The main task of ventilation in the SPA salon is to reduce the level of humidity to the required levels and remove the exhaust air from the room. Based on the rules of SanPiN, in addition to forced ventilation, they must be equipped with a natural ventilation system. The air flow is organized naturally. To dehumidify the air in the spa salons, duct or mobile dehumidifiers of the appropriate capacity are used.Spa

Exhaust ventilation in small spa treatment rooms can be organized using exhaust wall fans, the power of which is selected in accordance with the required air exchange rate and the volume of the room.

Among all exhaust fans presented on the domestic market of climatic equipment, the most popular is the line of equipment, where the fan is covered with a solid panel. Among the brands that produce such equipment are: Maico; silent design; ElicentElegance.

Solarium ventilation system

Not a single self-respecting beauty salon can do without a solarium. But UV solarium lamps emit a large amount of ozone, a high concentration of which is dangerous to human health. GN regulates the ozone content in the air no more than 0.03 mg/m3. In addition, the work of the solarium is associated with the production of a large amount of thermal energy, which, if not diverted, the microclimate in a room with artificial tanning will become worse than in the desert.Solarium

It is also necessary to remove heat from UV lamps because when they go beyond the temperature range of 42 ° C, their service life sharply decreases. Bringing solarium air in accordance with the requirements of SANPIN is the main purpose of the ventilation system.

Modern artificial tanning units are equipped with their own ventilation system, which, depending on the model, can remove exhaust air through a corrugated pipe up to 6 meters away.

Based on clause 7.2.10 of SNiP 41-01-2003, the ideal option for solarium ventilation is the organization of a supply and exhaust air exchange system, separate from the entire beauty salon, the calculation of which is based on such calculated data as: room area, number of heat inflows, speed of movement air masses, the necessary multiplicity, etc.

Entrust the creation of an effective beauty salon ventilation system to professionals. Using modern climate technology along with the right ventilation system will create a comfortable microclimate and attract customers to your beauty salon.


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