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Not only the well-being of people, but also the service life of flooring and finishes, office equipment, furniture, interior items, paintings and books depends on the humidity indicators in the room. Ultrasonic humidifiers are efficient and ideal for creating a favorable microclimate in offices, apartments and country houses.


Features and principle of operation

Venta ultrasonic humidifier

The package includes a water tank and an emitter. A dosing valve is located in the storage tank to maintain the required level of liquid in the compartment. A fan is used for spraying.

The best ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with electric control, hydrostat, ionizers, filters and additional options. All this allows you to maintain the required level of humidity in the room and greatly facilitates the operation process.

Almost all air humidifiers work according to the following scheme:

  • the emitter is considered the main element — it consists of electrodes and a washer;
  • when an alternating current is supplied to the emitter, vibrations are formed, the vibrations continue to grow until the moment when the water surface begins to break into small particles;
  • water is blown into the room by a fan in the form of an aerosol;
  • a hygrometer is used to determine the level of humidity and when certain indicators are reached, the device turns off.

Advice! It is better to choose an ultrasonic humidifier with automatic on and off, which will allow you to maintain an optimal microclimate even in the absence of the owners of the house.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Ultrasonic Humidifier Device

When considering the characteristics and capabilities of the best ultrasonic humidifiers, the following number of advantages can be distinguished:

  • the process is accompanied by a minimum amount of noise;
  • activation and deactivation in automatic mode;
  • high level of safety for people;
  • water first passes the filtration stage, which allows you to eliminate all harmful impurities from the composition;
  • a wide range of values, that is, you can set any required humidity values;
  • high efficiency and intensity;
  • with the right choice and observance of the technique of use, there is no white coating on furniture, finishing materials and interior items;
  • high-quality devices have a long service life.

Electrolux ultrasonic humidifier

The presented air humidifiers also have negative points:

  • higher cost and more complex maintenance when compared with steam and cold evaporation models;
  • high efficiency is ensured only in a certain small area, in certain cases it is necessary to install several ultrasonic humidifiers;
  • filter cartridges require periodic replacement, which also affects the cost of maintenance.

Buying tips — selection criteria

There are many models of climate control equipment on the market, in the assortment of which it is easy to get confused. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the total volume of the room — to calculate, you need to multiply the length, width and height of the room;
  • maximum performance and storage capacity;
  • the presence of automation in the device;
  • noise indicators during operation and the presence of a water filtration system.

If necessary, you can always ask the seller for help, experts will help you choose an ultrasonic humidifier, taking into account personal preferences and the allocated budget. The most popular are air humidifiers with backlight, air aromatization and ionization systems.

Most popular brands

Products from manufacturers from around the world are on sale, but if we take into account reliability and functionality, we can distinguish the following best ultrasonic humidifiers:

  1. Electrolux is one of the five largest manufacturers. Air humidifiers appeared only in 2007, but today the Swedish brand occupies 20% of the total Russian market.
  2. The Boneco brand belongs to the Swiss concern. The equipment is distinguished by its performance and long service life.

Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier

  1. The production facilities of the Ballu Corporation are located in many countries, including Russia and China. The advantages include low cost and high functionality.
  2. The German brand «Venta» occupies 60% of the total German market. Ultrasonic humidifiers are shipped throughout Europe, Korea, Japan, Russia and the USA. The Germans pay special attention to quality.
  3. Timberk is a Swedish brand with a stylish design and unique color schemes.

How to make an ultrasonic humidifier with your own hands?

If there are no funds for the purchase of finished equipment, you can make an air humidifier yourself, for this you will need the following components:

  • stabilizer and steam generator;
  • a plastic cup;
  • tank with a volume of about 8 l (+ -2 l);
  • power supply and corrugated pipe;
  • corner made of aluminum and a three-dimensional plastic circle with a hole;
  • fan (can be removed from a broken system computer unit).

Do-it-yourself ultrasonic humidifier

Holes are made in the container lid using an electric drill. The wires of the steam generator, the fan and the outlet pipe will be attached here. A fan is screwed on opposite sides of the water storage tank and a corrugated pipe is installed.

First, a floating platform for the steam generator is made. Here you need to insert a plastic cup into the hole in the plastic circle. For filtering, a small hole is made at the bottom of the cup and a piece of cloth is attached with an elastic band. Due to the stabilizer microcircuits, a direct current is supplied to the fan (12 Volts) and directly to the device itself (24 Volts). It is recommended to take variable and fixed resistors — this is the only way to organize uninterrupted and correct operation.

All connections and microcircuits are hidden under an aluminum corner. After the assembly is completed, the system is checked and completely ready for operation. In conclusion, we can say that an ultrasonic humidifier, bought in a store or made by yourself, is an ideal and effective way to create a favorable microclimate for living.


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