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An air humidifier with an ionization function installed in the apartment will contribute to a better absorption of oxygen by the body. This is due to the fact that the air will be enriched with negative and positive ions. Unfortunately, in the natural conditions of housing, they are practically absent, and they need to be created artificially. Without additional funds, they can be enriched high in the mountains or near the sea. We will tell you what to look for before making a purchase.

How to choose a humidifier-ionizer?

Humidifier in the house

When choosing a humidifier with an ionizer for your home, pay attention to the following points:

  • The size of the water container. In this case, you need to consider the size of your apartment. Small dwellings can be saturated with portable size ions. A larger apartment or a country house will need to be ennobled with a device with a large tank.
  • evaporation temperature. It can be cold or hot. The device with cold steam has the additional function of a humidifier. This option is relevant for people with a dry climate and in the summer. The warm steam technique is used as an inhaler.
  • The presence of a hydrostat and a hydrometer. Sensors help monitor the level of humidity in the room and automatically adjust it.

Tip: Keep the humidity in the room no higher than 50%. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the person’s feel and promote the placement of dust mites.

Top 5 Best Ionic Humidifiers

The rating of air ionizer humidifiers is headed by imported models. At the same time, domestic portable models are being actively promoted at an affordable price and with excellent performance.

  1. Polaris PUH 4545 Wave. Ultrasonic humidifier model. There is a built-in ionizer that improves the quality of oxygen in the room. You can turn on the timer for a period of one to nine hours. The evaporation rate can be adjusted using the remote control, which displays all the main commands. If the water in the tank runs out, the device will automatically turn off without the intervention of the owner. There are three steam release speeds.

Humidifier model «Polaris PUH 4545 Wave»


  • Remote control via remote control;
  • Built-in hygrometer;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Decent value for money model;
  • High level of performance.


  • If tap water is used, a thin layer of white mineral coating will form on surfaces, furniture and floors;
  • There is no night mode.
  1. Polaris PUH 5206Di. The buyer is primarily attracted by the unusual design and clarity of control of the device. It is intuitive and quite accessible even to a person who has never had a humidifier. Three modes of steam supply are set here, which are adjusted depending on the desired level of intensity. The desired level of humidity in the room is regulated, you can set it up to 85%. There is an automatic shutdown timer and night mode. When the tank is completely empty, the device will turn itself off.


  • Unusual design;
  • Clear management;
  • LED display;
  • Night mode;
  • Timer.


  • The air ionizer is extremely rarely used on the device by users, despite all its benefits.
  1. Boneco W2055DR. This model is one of the most expensive, but has established itself as a market leader due to the well-coordinated mechanism of operation and the presence of the function of natural air humidification in the room. The device consumes very little electricity, practically does not need maintenance. In addition, the owner does not have to spend money on additional consumables.

Humidifier «Boneco W2055DR»


  • No white coating on surfaces due to device operation;
  • Natural way to humidify the air;
  • Economical electricity consumption;
  • Accessible information display.


  • Very high cost.
  1. FANLINE VE-200. The device is ideal for handling large rooms. Therefore, the device is suitable for both a spacious apartment and an office. Oxygen purification is carried out according to the technology of three stages, which improves performance. The device does not need additional consumables, you can simply pour water from the tap and select the desired mode of operation, press the «start» button. During operation, it makes a little noise, but you quickly get used to it. The noise level is not too high and annoying.


  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • No consumables needed;
  • You can fill the container with water from the tap;
  • High level of savings in terms of energy costs;
  • Flavorings and oils can be added to the water.


  • The device is not very powerful;
  • There is no night mode;
  • Makes a little noise.
  1. Stadler Form Jack J-020/021. Stylish design and conciseness of the device will help to organically fit into the interior of your home. Swiss quality is demonstrated in the ability to work for a long time, purify the air and make it safe by disinfecting with silver ions. It implies the use of additional cartridges that improve the effect of cleansing.

Humidifier Stadler Form Jack J-020/021


  • There is a handle on the water tank, so it is convenient to put it in and take it out;
  • Quiet, almost silent rhythm of work;
  • Unusual model design.


  • Be sure to change the filters;
  • Very high cost.

Choosing from these models, which air humidifier with an ionizer is better, you can give preference to models of the middle price category. They are more affordable for the buyer and have excellent characteristics, among them the Polaris PUH 4545 Wave. According to users who bought it, the device performs well even for nine hours of intensive work. You can leave it in the children’s room and not worry about what will happen when the water in the container boils away.

Benefits of an ionic humidifier

These devices have earned popularity among buyers due to the combination of several key functions: air purification, humidification and disinfection. Thanks to the built-in ionizer, it is possible to remove floating dust particles from oxygen and nail them to the floor. The same applies to other small particles. Such a thing is indispensable for allergy sufferers and people suffering from asthma.

The device saturates the air with positive and negative ions, moisturizes it, which makes the person feel comfortable and cheerful. Adaptation is indispensable during outbreaks of infectious diseases, epidemics. By turning on the ionization mode, you can destroy the viruses and microbes that are in the room.


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