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The modern market of climate technology is flooded with various products, thanks to which you can create the most favorable microclimate in the room. The most popular products in this category are air conditioners and split systems, humidifiers and convectors, compact supply and exhaust ventilation units. Our compatriots are in constant demand for ultraviolet air purifiers for the home, which will be discussed in this publication.

The principle of operation and design features of UV purifiers

The operation of such a device is based on the UV radiation of a quartz lamp, which has a detrimental effect on pathogens.

This air sterilization technology has been known for a very long time and has been successfully used in hospitals and food processing enterprises for more than half a century.

Modern air purifiers with a UV lamp can fight not only microorganisms, but also any organic contamination of the air mixture, decomposing organic matter into harmless components: carbon dioxide and water. Especially effective is the fight against ultraviolet radiation with fungi and mold colonies, as spores in the air are destroyed.Dometic cleaner

The basic model of the UV purifier consists of a quartz lamp and a fan. With the help of a fan, air is pumped into the body of the device. A UV lamp is installed in the housing, which, by its radiation, purifies the air mixture from microorganisms and organic compounds. After that, already purified air is removed from the device.

Today, most UV cleaners are equipped with additional devices that, in addition to organics, can decompose chemical compounds, purify the air from dust and saturate it with useful negative ions. A high-quality air purifier with an ionizer, a UV lamp and a photocatalytic filter will reliably protect the inhabitants of the house from various household contaminants that are in the air mixture of any room.

Benefits of UV Clarifiers

Modern UV air purifiers have a lot of advantages:

  • Simplicity in the management of technology. It is enough to connect it to the power supply, set the timer and the process of cleaning the air mixture will begin.
  • Cheapness in service. Such equipment, as a rule, does not have replaceable filters, therefore, it does not need regular and expensive maintenance.
  • Not large size and low weight, due to the absence of complex mechanisms.
  • Efficient air purification from organic pollution.
  • Small power consumption.

Many residents of megacities are concerned about the deterioration of the environment, so they often ask the question: “How to purify the air in an apartment without harming the health of the inhabitants, because everyone knows that large doses of ozone are released when a quartz lamp is in operation”?

Leading experts agree: Modern UV cleaners are completely safe for humans and pets. The thing is that in modern installations for cleaning the air mixture, an ultraviolet lamp with a softer radiation is used. That is why, when using such devices, the ozone concentration is several times lower than the average daily MPC. On the other hand, ozone also has strong oxidizing properties, which contributes to additional air purification from various microorganisms.

Safety Precautions When Using UV Clarifiers

Safety Precautions When Using the PurifierThis class of appliance is recognized as safe for residential use, but basic safety precautions must be followed by the owner to prevent electrical shock and safely use UV radiation.

  • Manufacturers of such devices do not recommend removing the casing of the device when the UV lamp is operating. Radiation can cause severe burns to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes.
  • The cleaner must not be opened and disassembled when connected to the power supply.
  • An air purifier with an ultraviolet lamp is recommended to be cleaned of products of various contaminants at least once a month.
  • The UV lamp produces a sufficiently large amount of heat, so the device should not be installed near flammable objects.

Our experts recommend that you only purchase UV purifiers with safety documents from proven and trusted brands.

UV cleaners on the domestic market

On the Russian market, most often you can purchase the following models of modern UV cleaners:Photo: AIC XJ 2100

UV cleaner with air ionization AIC XJ-2100. This device can serve a room up to 25 m2. Thanks to the built-in ionizer, the device charges the air masses with negative ions and perfectly copes not only with organic pollution, but also purifies the air of the home from household dust, plant pollen and other inclusions that cause allergies. The model is an air purifier without replaceable filters and can operate in two modes: continuous and short-term. In short-term mode, the device turns on for 30 seconds every three minutes, which contributes to the minimum release of ozone. The cost of the device in Moscow stores varies from 60 to 65 USD.Air Comfort XJ 2200The ultraviolet air cleaner Air Comfort XJ-2200 is considered one of the most modern and functional devices on the domestic market of climate technology. In addition to the UV lamp, the device is equipped with: a coarse filter, a photocatalytic filter. Carbon filter element and HEPA filter. Thanks to this filling, the device cleans up to 99% of all contaminants from the air and eliminates most unpleasant odors. The performance of the device is sufficient for high-quality air purification in a room with an area of ​​18 m2. The cost of the device is 62 USD.

Before purchasing a device for cleaning the air mixture by means of UV radiation, be sure to consult with specialists.


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