The garage door periodically has to be opened, which in the cold season contributes to significant heat loss. Therefore, it is advisable to install air thermal curtains near the garage doors, which will not allow cold street air to displace warm air. This article will talk about which air curtains are best for garage and other doors.

In order to make the best choice, you should contact the experts. Based on the questionnaire you filled out, they will determine what level of power is needed in your case, what dimensions the air curtains should be installed, what the air performance should be. An accurate calculation will allow you to avoid unjustified costs during operation.

In addition, it is very important to determine the type of coolant, the installation scheme and how the air curtain will be controlled.

In no case should the curtain be narrower than the opening. If the gate to the room has a significant width, several air curtains are installed in a row (if their position is horizontal). In order not to be mistaken, it is better to initially pay attention to wider curtains. Savings when buying a small-sized air curtain in this case will be quite insignificant.

How fast the airflow the curtain generates determines the maximum height it can be fixed to. The faster the airflow moves, the greater the possible height. Both of these indicators are indicated in the curtain’s passport. It is important to remember that at the bottom of the opening, the air speed inevitably becomes less.

And one more important point. Manufacturers indicate the characteristics of the air curtain, which it would demonstrate at a temperature of 0 degrees and completely calm. In reality, the weather conditions almost never correspond to the «ideal». Therefore, when choosing an air thermal curtain, keep in mind that its operation will be affected by the force of the wind and the air temperature outside the window.

Despite the fact that it is best to entrust all calculations to professionals, for reference we will give here an approximate calculation formula for the necessary characteristics of a thermal curtain, which will be installed near the gate 1 meter wide and 2.5 meters high. (there must be a vestibule).

opening height

Air curtain performance

< 1.5 m

Minimum 300-400 m³/h

< 2 m

Minimum 500-650 m³/h

3 m and above

Minimum 1200 m³/h

For the height of the opening, which we have chosen, you will need a curtain power level of at least 900-1000 m3/h. The air flow will move approximately at a speed of 8-10 m/s, and upon reaching the end of the opening, the speed will drop to 2.5-3 m/s. The width of the curtain must be at least 1 m.

The passport of the air curtain contains recommendations on the height at which it is best to hang the unit.

The power of the air curtain will be at least 3 kW. To calculate the power, there is a formula: 0.1 kW per 1 m² of a room that is not heated, but at the same time well insulated.


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