The external design of the functional unit resembles a split system and can be manufactured in the following versions:

  • Ceiling installation;
  • Wall mounting;
  • floor block;
  • channel system.

An additional option is a frameless type of device. It allows you to significantly reduce the cost, but has a limitation on the installation method. This type is used for concealed mounting above false ceilings or concealed in overlay floor panels.

Types of foncoils

Fancoil device

There are two types of fan coil units: two-pipe and four-pipe. In the first, one distribution fan and one heat exchanger are installed. Devices are capable of working only for cooling. The latter are equipped with a double installation of fans and heat exchangers, which allows you to supply heated air to some rooms and cooled air to others.

The system consists of the following functional units:

  • The heat exchanger allows you to change the temperature of the refrigerant to the opposite. Here the hot water is cooled and the cold water is heated.
  • The fan with the electric motor and the block of regulation of speed of rotation. Responsible for the cooling performance of the fan coil.
  • A three-way valve allows the water flow to be diverted around the fan coil heat exchanger. The function is necessary to maintain the set temperature in the room.
  • The air filter cleans the gas mixture from microparticles of dust and dirt. Some manufacturers install fine-mesh filters, which increase the purity of the air by an order of magnitude, allowing even allergy sufferers to use fan coil units.
  • Built-in or remote control system. Allows you to set the required temperature parameters from the remote control or directly from the panel on the equipment.

Some models are equipped with heating elements that raise the temperature of the passing air, distributing heat in the room.

What are fan coils used for?

A powerful industrial cooling system is focused on impressive areas. Fancoils are installed in office buildings and private homes, gyms and fitness clubs, hotel complexes and commercial premises, cinemas and entertainment centers. Wherever it is necessary to process one large room or many small rooms connected in a single network.


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