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Most people, when choosing a humidifier for their own home, evaluate its safety and effectiveness by the filter elements that are present in its design. This publication will discuss the main types of filter cartridges that are used in modern household climate technology.

Filter element types

A replaceable filter for the humidifier is part of its design. It is the filter element that traps particles of dust, animal hair, microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria in the air, which can harm the health of the inhabitants of the home. By choosing a humidifier with a quality filter element, you can protect the inhabitants of the house from allergies, as well as various respiratory diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

To date, there are such types of filters for humidifiers:

  1. Rough cleaning. Most often, it represents a frame with a metal or plastic mesh stretched over it with fairly large cells. Thanks to this design, the air flow is cleaned of large dust particles, insects, animal hair, etc. Most often, such a device is used in traditional humidifiers and air washes.Photo: Coarse filter
  2. Humidifier charcoal filters. They are based on activated carbon, which is able to trap not only bacteria and allergens, but also unpleasant odors, tobacco smoke, fumes and other impurities in the air.carbon filter
  3. HEPA humidifier filters are the most advanced technology for capturing airborne particles. They are classified according to the degree of purification. The most expensive models capture 99.998% of contaminants.HEPA
  4. Photocatalytic humidifier filters. They are used in air purifiers with the function of humidifying it. The element is a cassette with a catalyst and an ultraviolet lamp. When UV rays and a catalyst interact, a special substance with a high oxidizing ability is produced. When the air flow passes through this substance, almost all mechanical and organic components are destroyed, due to which a high degree of purification of the air mixture occurs.Photocatalytic filter
  5. Electrostatic. They are most often used in ultrasonic devices. The filter consists of several plates that create an electrostatic charge in the air stream. Dust sticks to positively charged plates and settles in a special container. During the electrostatic effect, air ionization is achieved, i.e. production of negatively charged ions.

Filters for water purification in humidifiers

Water purification filterIn addition to purifying the air, some types of humidifiers use filter elements that purify and soften the water, reducing the concentration of minerals in it. Such a device is a replaceable filter cartridge for a humidifier, most often an ultrasonic one, which effectively purifies water from various impurities.

As a filler, an ion-exchange resin granulate is used, which is made from special polymers. The filler adsorbs mineral salts and various inclusions from the water, preventing the appearance of «white plaque» and making ordinary tap water suitable for use in ultrasonic devices.

Talking about filters, one cannot fail to mention silver rods. Silver rods can hardly be called filter elements, but they perform an antibacterial function, disinfecting the water in the device’s tank and saturating it with ions. According to the manufacturers of this device, the rod has a powerful antibacterial effect, and when paired with a carbon cartridge, it makes the air in your home fresh and truly healing.

Filter element selection

First of all, it should be understood that for the efficient operation of devices that humidify and purify air masses, the filter cartridges included in the design must be replaced periodically. As a rule, their service life is 4-6 months, depending on the frequency of use of the device and air pollution. Coarse cleaning cartridges and photocatalytic elements can be washed independently, thereby restoring their performance. Electrostatic do not require replacement and additional maintenance.

  • Only purchase filter elements recommended by the manufacturer for your specific humidifier model.
  • Coal — are quite inexpensive, but they should be changed as they become dirty, and, therefore, quite often. Devices with photocatalytic and electrostatic air-purifying cartridges are expensive, but filter cartridges can be cleaned on their own without spending money on buying new ones.
  • If there are no special requirements for the purity of the air mixture, then choose a humidifier with a coarse filter element. The filter does not require replacement, and in case of mechanical damage, the cost of replacing it will not “hit your pocket”.

So that during operation there are no questions about where to buy a filter for a humidifier, when choosing a device, first ask the seller if there are any available.


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