Single pump chiller cooling is considered the standard option and is used particularly frequently. But in some conditions, a performance above 100 kW is required. In addition, the difference between the temperature of the liquid at the inlet and outlet can exceed 10 — 15 degrees, while in standard systems it is 4 — 6 degrees. In these cases, it is recommended to install a two-pump system. The scheme of its operation is distinguished by the presence of two pumps instead of one, and in other respects it is similar to the classical one.

Two-pump chillers

The function of the first pump is to take liquid from the storage tank and circulate it in the evaporator. It carries out heat exchange between the coolant and the liquid. Then the cooled liquid enters the tank again, and is sent from there to consumers using a second pump.

The two-pump system makes it possible to maintain a stable temperature in the tank.

Features and benefits of a two-pump scheme:

  • The chiller can operate with a significant temperature difference, which makes it possible to do without an intermediate heat exchanger.
  • Temperature differences can be adjusted within a wide range. However, such adjustment is possible only with its proper selection, taking into account the heat load in the system, and compliance with all conditions and rules for installing the chiller.
  • The refrigerant consumption of consumers can vary widely, but even with a low heat load, the refrigeration circuit will fully perform its tasks.
  • The two-pump circuit maintains a higher boiling point of the refrigerant, as it does not have an additional heat exchanger, and therefore has high energy efficiency.
  • Fluctuations in the temperature of the liquid in the storage tank are minimal, this is due to the principle of operation.

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To select the scheme of operation and the equipment itself, it is recommended to contact specialists who have extensive experience in practical work with systems of different capacities. They will analyze the conditions and select the most technologically advanced and most economical option.


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