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Why is the air conditioner noisy — this question begins to worry many happy owners of such climate technology, especially after several years of its use. It is rather difficult to answer this question, since there are a great many reasons for increased noise. Only one thing can be said unequivocally: it is necessary to solve this problem without delay in order to prevent serious damage and failure of this expensive climate control equipment.

Noise standards for climate technology

The consequences of the noise that air conditioners can create should not be underestimated, because vibration and sound pressure can cause serious inconvenience not only to the owner of the equipment, but also to his neighbors. In general, the noise level is normalized by the current sanitary standards. Based on SN 2.2.4/, the permissible penetrating noise level in residential premises is:

  • from 700 up to 2300 – 40 dBa;
  • since 2300 up to 700 – 30 dBa.

Not everyone has a device with which you can measure the level of sound emitted by your climate control equipment. To understand how much it is allowed by the norms of 30 dB, one should imagine the ticking of a clock. The sound level emitted by the operation of a mechanical watch is approximately 30 dB. A normal human conversation in a room creates a sound pressure equivalent to 40 dB noise.Noise level of climate equipment If you understand that the noise level of the air conditioner exceeds the specified figures, then urgent action must be taken.

Main Causes of Outdoor and Indoor Unit Noise

If you experience unusual sounds from your air conditioner, you should contact a service organization. But you need to be prepared for significant costs when repairing your climate control equipment. By the nature of the sound, you can most likely determine the cause yourself with a high degree of probability and then decide on methods for eliminating it. The algorithm of independent actions is as follows: when a strong noise appears, first of all, it is necessary to determine in which block it appears and to establish the nature of the noise that has appeared. Uncharacteristic noise in the indoor unit of the split system

  • A rumble is heard when the fan is running. The problem may be in the fan bearing, in changing the geometry of the impeller. The problem may also appear due to the formation of ice, for which the fan blades cling to when the device is operating.
  • A fairly strong low-frequency sound is heard. The problem lies, as a rule, in the electrical part of the indoor unit of the split system, namely in the transformer. The transformer starts buzzing before failure or due to loose fastening.low frequency sound
  • Hissing occurs when the refrigerant leaks, when the diameter of the pipes changes due to their kink, when the pipes are clogged, etc.
  • Loud noise caused by vibration. As a rule, the problem lies in an unbalanced impeller.
  • The hum can be caused by dirty filters and heat exchanger.

In addition to all of the above, the indoor unit of the air conditioner often makes noise due to problems with the drainage pump, which needs to be cleaned, and if the problems persist, then replace it.

Loud noise in the outdoor unit of the split system

Sounds about the condensing unit of an air conditioner can be made by a fan, compressor, and guard grill. In addition, there are noises that occur due to incorrect or insufficient fixing of the device to the wall. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • The hum produced by the vibration of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. As a rule, the problem is the lack of vibration dampers on the mounts. It happens that the problem arose due to the great depth to which the anchor bolts are recessed in the wall. The bolt can come into contact with the slab reinforcement and transmit the vibration to the entire wall.
  • A sufficiently strong sound can create a worn out compressor.
  • Noise can be created by a protective grille that is poorly fixed to the air conditioner.
  • An unbalanced impeller makes a rumble when the blades cling to the heat exchanger or the protective structure of the device.

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner makes noise when a large layer of ice forms, which interferes with the operation of the fan.

Ways to eliminate the causes of increased air conditioner noise

It should be understood that only minor problems that cause a loud sound of working climate equipment can be eliminated on their own.

  1. If the noise source is an impeller that has changed geometry or is unbalanced due to mechanical damage, then it should be replaced. This can be done independently only if the owner has sufficient knowledge and tools.
  2. If the noise occurs in the event of ice formation, then removing it is easy to get rid of the source of the loud sound.
  3. The most common cause of unbalanced fan blades is ordinary dirt. Inspect and wash the impeller with a brush and detergent.Outdoor unit icing
  4. You can try to fix the vibrating transformer by tightening its fasteners. If a spring acts as a fastener, then try to shorten it, after which the vibration will become noticeably less.
  5. If the guard rail makes loud noises, it can be fixed by drilling additional holes and installing bolts next to the standard mounts.

All other problems are solved only by specialists.

If you cannot accurately diagnose the source of loud sound in your split system, or are unsure of your abilities, then do not be self-motivated and contact professionals.


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