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The operation of the ventilation and air conditioning system in residential and industrial premises sooner or later leads to the accumulation of various substances and contaminants in the system, including debris, dust, fatty deposits, mold fungi, bacteria, viruses and other substances that can adversely affect health person. Due to the risk of contamination spreading through the ventilation system throughout the building and subsequent infection of people, the owners of the premises are obliged to carry out timely cleaning and disinfestation of the ventilation and air conditioning system.

Please note that the cleaning of the air conditioning and ventilation systems at industrial and commercial facilities is carried out by specialized companies that are licensed to carry out disinfection work, with a sanitary and epidemiological certificate issued by Rospotrebnadzor. Specialists with experience in working with ventilation and air conditioning systems are allowed to clean the systems, while the employees performing disinfection should be able to provide first aid in case of detection of signs of poisoning by disinfectants in others.

After the work of the cleaning team, an examination of the cleanliness of ventilation is carried out.

The system is considered to be clean if, during a superficial examination, no visible contamination is found on the air ducts, filters and equipment, and laboratory tests of samples from ventilation do not reveal the presence of substances hazardous to human health.

Direct cleaning of the ventilation and air conditioning system

Disinfection of ventilation systems and cleaning is carried out by wet or dry cleaning, depending on the type of the main pollutant.

Tip: never clean the internal components of the ventilation system with high concentrations of acid and alkali solutions when switched on. The use of substances is allowed, but in the case of a complete disassembly of the system and sealing of the air ducts that you clean.

Cleaning of air channels can be carried out in two ways:

  1. Mechanical

    If ventilation is cleaned on the territory of corporate and industrial premises, then a specially hired team cleans the surface of the system using special washing vacuum cleaners and brushes, the method of applying compressed air to pollution is also common.

  2. Chemical

    It involves the use of chemicals that are included in specialized cleaning and disinfecting products to combat pollution. It is the chemical method that is most in demand in the domestic sphere, since it is the simplest.

If you use a home cleaner, you should strictly follow the instructions written on the drug. Particular attention should be paid to your own protection, since such drugs are quite aggressive and can adversely affect the skin, respiratory organs and vision.

Tip: all work, regardless of whether they are carried out in an industrial or commercial premises, or in an ordinary apartment, must be carried out in well-ventilated rooms.

Cleaning the ventilation system with an industrial It is better to apply an air conditioner disinfectant to the components of the ventilation and air conditioning system after the system has previously undergone mechanical cleaning, so it will be much easier to achieve the desired effect.

“Advice: to prevent system failure after cleaning work, pay attention to the fact that the internal parts of the fan or air conditioner are absolutely dry, even a small amount of water masses is not allowed”

The procedure for cleaning the air conditioner and ventilation system includes the following nuances:

  1. When carrying out cleaning and disinfestation of devices that regulate the flow of air masses in the system (throttle-valve), it is not necessary to dismantle the latter, it is allowed to work through special inspection doors;
  2. Cleaning of the internal components of the ventilation system is also carried out through service doors without the need to dismantle the system;
  3. For more effective cleaning of the ventilation grilles, they are removed and immersed for a while in a special solution;
  4. Cleaning of the air conditioning system is carried out completely disassembled.

During dry cleaning, specialists use a special “brush” to remove dust from the internal channels of the air duct. After the procedure is completed, the removed contamination is collected using a special vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning may not be enough if the system is contaminated not only with dust, but also with fatty deposits. In this case, it is customary to use a mechanical cleaning method followed by the application of a disinfectant.

It is better to carry out disinfection of ventilation and cleaning of ventilation in the following sequence:

  • the top cover of the system is dismantled;
  • the built-in filters are dismantled. If an air filter is used in the system, it is either replaced with a new one or mechanically cleaned and then disinfected in a special solution. The carbon filter is disposed of and replaced with a new one;
  • direct cleaning of the air ducts and radiator grille of the air conditioner is carried out. The method is chosen depending on the complexity of the contamination;
  • after cleaning, a special disinfectant solution is applied;
  • the system is ready for operation only after complete drying.

The administration of the organization is responsible for the timely cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation and air conditioning system on the territory of industrial and commercial establishments.

After the cleaning work, a visual inspection of the system for the presence of contaminants is mandatory, and samples are taken for laboratory analysis. The system is considered clean if the samples did not reveal any contaminants dangerous to the human body.

Means for disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems

To date, means of cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems are presented in a wide range. Prices for such substances vary depending on the composition of the substance, as well as the manufacturer.

When choosing a suitable agent, make sure that it fully complies with the requirements for disinfectants. An important factor in choosing the right agent is its activity against dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses (including the tuberculosis virus, various mold fungi and other substances that can provoke serious and fatal diseases in the body).

A good disinfectant should dissolve well in water, and also combine the properties of a detergent, then the cleaning of systems is greatly facilitated.Prevention of equipment is carried out at all nodes

Summing up

Timely carrying out of the procedure for cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning and ventilation system allows not only to improve the throughput of the installation, but also:

  • rid the room of unpleasant odors;
  • prevent the development and spread of dangerous viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and fungi that can cause serious diseases in the human body;
  • reduce the risk of fire in the premises in which ventilation is used;
  • detect malfunctions in the system and eliminate them in a timely manner;
  • ensure the circulation of fresh air in the room.

If work on cleaning such systems at home can be carried out independently, then on the territory of industrial facilities it is better to trust real professionals. It should be noted that even at the legislative level, authorized and qualified specialists have the right to carry out cleaning and disinfection work.


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